San Francisco, California, USA

Dirty guitars and beautiful melodies scream of love, hope and angst.


"Apside is my favorite new band". -Sylvia Massy, producer (Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, Tool, Johnny Cash, System of a Down)

"Apside, a great San Francisco up and coming band to watch for. I'm sold now. I am a fan after seeing them live". -Aaron Axelson, music director of Live 105 (biggest alternative radio station in northern California).

In April 2005 a popular radio station in San Paolo, Brazil 2000 gets hold of Apside's EP and starts playing the single "Collide" on their alternative rock weekly show. The band is unaware of the magnitude of the public responce until they get an email inviting them to Brazil to tour the country. Apside jumps on a plane and plays the San Paolo Campari Festival (which also lands them a live appearance on MTV and many other brazilian networks) along with punk heroes MC5, The Kills, CSS, Dungen and other local acts then continues to five more cities to headline a tour of south western Brazil.

Apside: an amalgamation of pop, beautiful dirty guitars and intense harmonics. The band members are insanely driven to create music which carries them beyond temporary trends.

Apside is formed in 2004 when Paolo and Pietro meet in San Francisco after having lived most of their lives in different countries in Europe. Their desire to write songs that are melodic, abrasive, catchy and memorable inspires them to meet other likeminded musicians whom they find in brazilian native Bruno Romani and american drummer Tina Fagnani.

Zero Magazine: "Apside features dark powerful European driven-guitars. In the way Europeans blast down the Autobahn, Giordano and Straccia guitar playing blast through the tracks while shifting a telecaster above the grind of the melodies. In September 2006 Apside's song "Someday" started being featured on a new Fox network TV show. In July 2007.

In 2007 Apside made it twice to the top 5 bands for the Live 105 Local Band Contest (a competition entered by hundreds of bands). Consequently, Apside has started getting airplay on Live 105, Alice Radio and other Bay Area radio stations. Since then Apside has caught the attention of super producer Sylvia Massy and after some pre-production work, the band is currently recording with her their first full-lenght album, scheduled to be released in September. On June 7th 2008,Apside performed at the Live 105 BFD festival at the Shoreline Amphitheatre,in front of thousands of people,along acts like Pennywise,MGMT,Santogold,Cypress Hill,Moby,Alkaline Trio and more.. and the following day(Sunday June8) Apside headlined this year's Haight and Ashbury fair in front of a crowd of over 6000 people.In September, after a couple of months spent demoing new songs in the studio, Apside made it to the top 3 bands in a contest to open for Coldplay, out of 400 bands. A great number of bay area music magazines will be featuring Apside in their upcoming issues.


K Vision

Written By: Pietro Straccia

It's a lie that when you die you're done that's not the truth
It's lonely I'm lonely here waiting for you

It's not fiction It's a prediction I wait patiently
Till morning I'm mourning here waiting for you

Suddenly I step in the life of another man
Unaware of who I used to be
It was another day TIME SPACE

Seddenly I step in the light of another man TIME SPACE
Weary of who I used to be it was another day TIME SPACE

For you for you for you

Dawn of madness

Written By: Apside

We've been left alone to fight this on our own
where the Empire once belonged
now the streets are paved in bone

Streets are haunted
It's the Dawn of Madness
We are not wanted ( repeat chorus)

Chaos has begun
should i run and hide from everyone
all the reasons to go on are forever lost in blood
I want to see it,i want to know
what is the color of the flag i hold
i 've been left alone
to fight this on my own

Streets are haunted
It's the Dawn of Madness
We are not wanted (repeat chorus) I am alone in a hole ( repeat twice) Streets are haunted (repeat twice)

She's lovely

Written By: Apside

Standing on a stage on top of the world
it feels like a dream where i can't talk
It happens every time a star loses light
she sees what i am,why can't i be who i am not?
I'd like to see her , i'd like to see her
She's lovely

The seat in front of me it's cold it's empty and it's always like that,always like that
I can't help it , i can't help it, i can't help it
I'd like to see her , i'd like to see her
She's lovely (repeat chorus)
I'd like to see her , but she loves herself
Hang on, hang on , why can't it be tonight?
Oh,i'd like to see her,i'd like to see her She's lovely (repeat chorus) I'd like to see her,but she loves herself,loves herself,loves herself.


The Collide EP 2004
Self titled EP 2005

Set List

Our typical set list is composed of 10 to 15 songs varying from 40 minutes to 1 hour.