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"Ghettosocks - Treat of the Day"

Excerpt related to the song I was featured on... "Pink Lemonade is another soul-drenched winner from Bix, which suits Socks & Apt's laid back lady-slaying raps just perfectly, and it also uses perhaps my favorite Guru line ever ("Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is..."), and so this gets an A+" - Hero Hill

"One year later..."

Also known as Dave Plowman, MC Apt left Halifax for greener pastures in Toronto this fall to attend sound engineering school. The intellectual rapper officially released the semi-concept album Canvastripper — inspired by reading Dante’s Inferno as a university student — early in the year. Apt has been back in Halifax for shows in the past few months and has plans to start self-recording his fifth album with partner in crime and DMC regional champ DJ Cosmo on the decks. - The Coast (Halifax's Weekly)


Apt Selected Discography:
Self-released albums:
The World LP (2001)
A Change of Err and Scenery (2003)
You Look Pretty In Tents (2004)
Canvastripper (2005)
12 Bits (TBR 2013) [made with the generous support of the OAC]
Part of the Main (TBR 2014) [to be written with the generous support of the Canada Council]

Rap album appearances:
Scott da Ros - They Made Me Do It (7” Subversiv*rec/Endemik Music, 2005)
Jesse Dangerously – Inter Alia (Backburner, 2005)
Uncle Fester & Parker Lewis – The Ricky Sophomore EP (Backburner, 2005)
EMC – To Whom It May Concern (2006)
Bix – Incredible Stylo (Droppin’ Science, 2006)
Jesse Dangerously – Verba Volant (2007)
Ghettosocks - Get Some Friends (Droppin’ Science, 2007)
Ghettosocks – Treat of the Day (Droppin’ Science, 2009)
Timbuktu – Stranger Danger (Droppin’ Science, 2010)

Albums produced:
Semperfi – 17 Going On Horny (SYR, 2001) [engineer, mix, master, rap]
The Shitkickers – Self-titled (2006) [engineer, mix, master]
Oh Dinah – Good Morning (2007) [engineer, mix, master]
Carlo Meriano – Sad or Happy (Vinyl Tap, 2008) [engineer, mix, master]
Michael McGlennon – The Little Sounds Project (2009) [master]
Carlo Meriano – Toys Are Just (Vinyl Tap, 2009) [engineer, SP-12, mix, master]
Fascism – OMG WTF APOCALYPSE (2009) [mix, master]
The Flying Bulgars – Tumbling Into Light (2010) [master]
Fairy Tale Ending – Original Cast Recording (2010) [engineer, mix, master]
Carlo Meriano – Sticka Ikebana (2011) [engineer, mix, master, drums]
Omma Cobba – Plays Your Favourites (2012) [engineer, mix, master, tambourine]

Production appearances:
Fax 4 (Quake, Spesh K, Markit, Boy-Ill) – Inklined (2005) [beats, mixing]
Markit – Mark My Words (2006) [beats, mixing]
Flying Bulgars – Tumbling Into Light (FBR / Maple Music, 2009) [master]
Timbuktu – Stanger Danger (Droppin’ Science, 2010)
SJ the Wordburglar – 3rdburglar (Hand’Solo Records/URBNET, 2012)



I am a rapper/producer/product of the Halifax hip-hop scene who has lived in Toronto for 8 years. The music that I make is grounded in early-90’s hip-hop production, psychedelic elements and odd/pleasing sounds from a variety of sources (although scrounging record stores, thrift shops, yardsales and the garbage for vinyl provides the majority of my material.) I see records as discarded fragments of people’s lives and moments in time that have been forgotten and brushed under the rug. The idea of collecting these pieces of the past, chopping them into bits and then combining them in a completely new context has always excited me. Although when I started doing this at age 13, this fact wasn’t anything I could articulate. The process of learning, making great beats and then throwing down some new raps over the mix was simply the best feeling in the world. It still is.
I continue to expose myself to new sounds, collect LP’s, 45’s, read, and submerge myself in musical culture. Writing, producing, and recording are things I’m naturally driven to do. These past 2 years have been a period of enormous personal and creative growth for me. Whether it’s writing songs, digging for source material or researching and investing in new equipment, I have continued to broaden my creative output and potential. I make music not only to express myself, but to give something back and build on the strong foundation that has already been laid by those who have inspired and come before me.

I: wrote his first rap song (about sandwiches) in grade 3 after reading Shel Silverstein and released his first rap tracks on Napster in grade 10 after seeing Buck 65 perform in a Gelato shop.

THEN: I started recording other rappers and released my very first hip hop LP in grade 11 after playing lots of shows in Halifax at a tiny all-ages venue beside a big public park.

AFTERWARDS: I put out 3 more albums, rocked every set I could, made friends with lots of other MC’s and DJ’s (Ghettosocks, Bix, Cirkut, Skratch Bastid, DJ Cosmo, SJ the Wordburglar and tens more) and performed concerts with his peers. He and DJ Cosmo (2005 & 2006 Halifax DMC Champ, 2009 Redbull 3-Style Canadian Champ) really hit it off, performing many legendary sets as an unstoppable duo.

NOW: After an extended hiatus from actively rapping and murdering shows, I have a brand new (Ontario Arts Council-supported) full length record – “12 BITS” – to be released on the Droppin’ Science label in May, 2013. Having recently returned to the stage, performing shows with fellow labelmates (Ghettosocks, Bix, Timbuktu) and other friends, (SJ the Wordburglar, More or Les, Thesis Sahib and more) I am now in the process of beginning my next album, with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts

Over the past 12 years I have performed shows across Canada with artists like: Buck 65, Young Buck, Josh Martinez, Sixtoo, DJ Cosmo, Edan, Dagha, Brother Ali, Last Emperor, J-Live, DJ Kool Herc, DJ IV, Ghettosocks, Bix, Jesse Dangerously, Thesis Sahib, K-the-I???, More or Les, SJ the Wordburgler, Timbuktu, T.City, Spesh-K, Skratch Bastid, Atherton, Flight Distance (Bender, Patience & Calkuta), Pip Skid, John Smith, Classified, Masta Ace and many, many more… as well as endless shows at the Khyber Club (Halifax) from 2003-2005 as part of the Droppin’ Science weekly.