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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Instant Song"

Like hip-hop heroes The Roots, Aquabatics play with a live band to maximize flexibility.  Aquabatics MCs Tyler Rogers and Eric Stankavich (aka Caliber) are backed up by Neema Akbarzadeh (drums), Patrick Frey (guitar), Greg Frey (bass), and DJ Obe1 (turntables).  They’ll freestyle on stage, but often use it as an exercise to come up with new lyrics.

The Aquabatics take the lyrics from rapper Biggie Small’s hit “Juicy,” for example, and pour them over the music to “Shakedown Street” by The Grateful Dead.  This mixing of genres leads to invention that happens right there onstage, even if it started out as a survival tactic on a street corner. - Style Weekly

"Sound Off"

They display all the passion and talent of those three snarkily-charming white dudes, the Beastie Boys. But what local hip-hop group Aquabatics brings in addition to rap extravagance at local dives like Bogart's is a fresh jazz-improv backbeat, which gives the band indie-cred akin to The Roots. It's a fine combination, to be sure. -


Aquabatics - Analog Transmission



Using their musical roots of rock, jazz, funk, and soul as a canvas for intuitive wordplay; Aquabatics creates a diverse, unparalleled dimension of hip hop sound waves sure to please any listener. Emerging from the historical Church Hill district of Richmond, VA, they have managed to spread their music throughout the city and state by word of mouth, and numerous live shows. Holding true to the essence of hip hop culture, Aquabatics never fails to break new barriers at each one of their gatherings without tarnishing the silver lining. With a growing reputation and steadily rising fan base, these guys bring a party that will leave you pleading for more.