Honest music spontaneously captured in a gentle expression of piano, flute and guitar. Relaxing and rejuvenating.


Steven Burgess music begins and ends at this simple phrase 'his life' - As a boy, playing piano became a place of expression without words, a place of refuge. Others began to hear something beautiful that impacted they're lives, encouraging Steven to record his music. His first recording "Rest" sold over 12,000 copies under his indie label 'aquadio' - the success of Rest and the overwhelming requests for another CD prompted Steven to compose and record "Intimacy".

The secret to Steven's music has simply been to capture it in the moment. Mostly unrehearsed, the spontaneous expression can be felt through his music.


Rest:Instrumental piano & flute
Intimacy:Instrumental guitar, flute & piano

Current project
Joy:Gentle instrumental Christmas

Set List

Typically in a live preformance, two sets of 30 min each. All songs from both albums and most times new ones created spontaneously.