Houston, Texas, USA
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If you took 2Pac Shakur, Eminem, N.W.A, Outkast and put them in a group you woud have AQUALEO!


Aqualeo is a very diverse and thought-provoking RAP group that challenges the status quo in today's musical, political, popular, and historical arenas. They are prophetically the voice of truth, collectively the thoughts of the universe, and poetically, the voice of decent. Aqualeo' music touches on a wide range of subjects, namely those that deal in controversy and contradiction. Their new project entitled Illumination, now available on I-tunes, serves as a back and forth conversation between Truth and Dare (Aqualeo) about the mysteries of the occult and the way this information is perceived by the masses. The two taunt at superstition and add an overall owl’s eye perspective to the growing fascination of the Illuminati.



Written By: Aqualeo

She was so fine , real fine yeah...but he probly shoulda left her ass right there/ cause now he's hear outta his mind and now he's twithching cause he's hitching and now he;' gotta listen to this hear/ do you ove him do you love her promise to put nothing above her/ when the looks fade, when the monies gone, you two promise to get along/ if not then here's where the plot ends/better to be free then boxed better to be friends than not friends/ ok i think he wants to stop then


Aqualeo - Cadillac
Aqualeo - Passenger Seat
Pall Wall - Sip -n- Get High - The People's Champ
Young Jeezy - Cadiilac - Can't Ban the Snowman
Swishahouse - Paper Chasin' 05 , Posted up at the All Star.

Set List

15x20 Stage
$1,500 a show

Guest List Includes:
Clinton Ray
Sher'ee Granger
Kelli Douglas
Dennis Hannah