Aqua Nebula Oscillator

Aqua Nebula Oscillator


French Punkadelik band influenced by Mc5,Hawkwind,Stooges, Group 1850,Golden Dawn etc Its a kind of mix of Garage Rock,70s heavy Raw Rock with fuzz sounds,Oscillations,synthetisers,french/Latin/Italian & english Lirics (a mix) and kind of New style Neo Pyschedelic,experimental.



Band formed in London in 1999 by David Spher'Os.
After travelling looking for Transcendental sounds (Mexico,India,Marocco,Nepal)
Aqua Nebula Oscillator was formed in Paris making long spatial improvisations Performances.
They approach music ethnically while being inspired of Mythical bands as Hawkwind,MC5,Shankar,SunRa or Silver Apples.
They were 6 in the band: two drummers (Juan Trip & Vincent),Simon (virtuoso Bassist with Luciferian Beauty),Michel (multi instrumentalist Flutist) and David Spher'Os (Guitar Fuzz Echo,sithar,vocals & Oscillations)
The band starts their concerts with a sitar impro,Gong & coloured lightshows to end in a chaotic disturbing transe.
They have also an american Fakir (Jil) that make bloody performances while they play and they begin an european Tour with an old english hearse car bought for 50£ in London.
Juan Trip filmed all the tour,it results:"Van International",a Chaotic Roadmovie with overprinting images,moving sculptures and cosmic music.
Back in France,they settle in a house in the middle of the woods,the band split nearly and remains only David Spher'Os,working on experimental recordings with wter drums,animals noises,guitar echo,sithar,feedback sounds,oscillations etc.
(at the time,Aqua nebula oscillator was like Amon Duul ..the band use to change often musicians on live acts...they also played with one of the Spaceman 3 and much more musicians)


After Two Years,forced to leave because of unpaid rents,David return in the center of Paris settling in a 16th century caves,reform the band in a "cleaned" way with the help of Juan Trip,Takumi Iida and David Alfonso Gallego (Vocals & Epileptic Dancer)
They make "Happening impro" concerts where all is permitted,the singer Roll on glass,the amplifiers Howls with Long Drums solos.
David Spher'Os,Juan Trip & David Alfonso Gallego sing all together,Takumi Iida plays Hypnotical Bass fuzz & Romain Turzi plays some Cosmic Oscillations time to time into Places with delirious decors as LE RACHDINGUE in Spain (Club of Salvador Dali) or LYON TRAIN STATION in full peak hour.
It results an other movie (Juan Trip-30 min.) fimed LIVE and into David Spher'Os caves that lives himself into an odd oneiric universe.
Trapped by its angels and demons he create Statues with craniums of bones,Egyptian mummies,desarticuled mannequins & other Organical materials (Hairs,close friends blood) He's surrounded thus of his petrified friends.
They leave then in th forrest in an abandoned house occupied by Juan Trip to Play and record their first album available now in France (Fev.2008) on Pan European Recording (Turzi members)
The collaboration David Spher'Os,Juan Trip & other members is on the end,the band is impossible...


David travel in London to a Garage Psychedelic festival and meet a charming dancer dressed in black latex with an agressive beauty,her name's Shazzula.
She's in fact a Belgian dj that organize the "Suicide Twist" Festival and parties:Delirious Garage & Psychedelic Rock happenings.Passioned of music,she have an incredible vinyl collection and got an incredible underground music culture.
FLASH! They have to play together! She come to Paris,David Spher'Os call Simon (one of the founder member and bassist) they meet VINCE (Drummer,guitarist from Québec city that use to be in In bands as "Les Vipères","The Fatals","Les secrétaires Volantes","Les Aversions")
extremely talented,fast with Stooge looking,THAT'S IT!
The band is reformed but under an other genre!
Project: Wall of Sound,Epileptic Transe,Fast rythms,Spelling & agressive voice of Shazzula,surrealsit lyrics,intergalactical sounds...well...It's PUNKADELIK!
The band record in studio (Juan Trip) with the help of Pan European Recording,the first album was out Marsh 2008,second album december 2008.

First album was the old Band formation (second part) and the second album,Under the moon of..,with the new band members.

A limited 7 inches single will be out on Pan European Recording for their next dates,surprise!

The two albums are distributed in France by PIAS,in the Benelux by BANG.Some other distributions has to be comfirmed for Canada (Semprini records) and Italy (Black Widow Records)



Firstly,AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR was compiled on the first PAN EUROPEAN RECORDING (France) "VOYAGE" Compilation.

1st album:AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR (Pan European Recording-France)

2nd album:"Under the Moon Of..."(Pan European Recording-France)

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR was compiled in the TRIP IN TIME VOL.3 " Psychedelic Adventures on Planet Earth" compilation (Germany)
info here:

Aqua nebula oscillator appeared on BAD ACID TAB5 (printed magazine),ACID TAB6 Dvd and Booklet.(England),more info

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR was compiled on the famous french Rock mag "ROCK'N'FOLK" Chrsitmass 2008 magazine+cd comp.

Psychedelic Velveeta (USA) (selected as the Artist of the week),they played two times our sounds.

Panic city Boyz (France radio show)-Live
RAdio Alligre (France radio show)-Live
France Culture (Radio show-Live)

Set List

We play from short sets to 45-60 minutes sets.
We dont play covers at all,all songs are originals.
here's an example of list songs we do play live:
1- intro (Incantation)
3-Lsd Therapy
4-Wizard Of Tears
5-Lost in Space
6-I dont care
7-Shadow Light
10-Flying Mountain