Aquasion is a new producer and DJ in the music game who is blazing his own path within the drum and bass music genre. HIs sounds are packed with jazz, soul, funk and rhythm that creates a vibe so thick you can't help but shake what your mama' gave ya'!


Discovering and experimenting with music from a young age Aquasion became an avid listener of primarily ambient jazz fueled breakbeats, house music, hip hop and down tempo lounge music. Eventually, Aquasion discovered drum and bass, learned how to DJ and years after that, learned how to produce. Now, Aquasion is producing music exclusively for LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records (UK), Fizzy Beats (UK), Fokuz Recordings (Germany), Phuzion (UK), Stepping Forward Recordings (USA), Black Reflections Recordings (SPAIN) and his own imprint Textures Music Group (USA). Looking forward, Aquasion has his sights set on touring, producing, remixing and expanding the Textures Music Group label. His music being supported by LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Random Movement, Dave Owen, Jaybee, Tidal, Fanu, mSdoS, Blade, Mr. Joseph, Soultec and many more there is a high demand for his music around the world. The label Textures Music Group has received support from BBC Radio 1, Fabio (1xtra), Knowledge Magazine (Kmag) and many other media outlets across the globe. You can expect deep, jazzy, liquid vibes full of soul, funk and atmosphere from Aquasion’s music.


TMGRLS2 - Aquasion / ATP - The Seven Emotions EP
TMGRLS9 - Static / Aquasion - Inertia EP
TMGRLS8 - B4ssTee - Soul Searchers: Soul Good (Album Series)
TMGRLS11 - Tidal - Soul Searchers: Soul Expressions (Album Series)
TMGRLS14 - Toez - Soul Searchers: The Rosa Flow (Album)
TMGRLS18 - Aquasion - Soul Searchers: The First Discovery (Album)
TMGRLS20 - Scott Allen - Soul Searchers: Stay With Me (Album)
TMGRLS24 - Various Artists - Choice Cuts: Volume One (Compilation)
TMGRLS26 - Various Artists - Choice Cuts: Volume Two (Compilation)
TMGRLS27 - SoulTec - Soul Searchers: Waiting For Inspiration (Album)
TMGRLS30S - In-Deed - Soul Searchers: Say It Again (Album)
TMGRLS34 - Blade - Soul Searchers: Long Way Round (Album)
TMGRLS36 - Aquasion - Soul Searchers: Raregroove Jack (Album)
LWDBE003 - Drum'N'Bass Essentials Vol. 3
LWDBE004 - Drum N Bass Essentials Vol 4
FOKUZ2011011 - Revelation EP
LWDBE009 - Drum N Bass Essentials Volume 9
LW2011A04 - 2011 Drum & Bass Anthems
176S001 - Emothional Sounds EP
UJMRLS1 - Emothional Sounds EP
UJMRLS1 - Unworthy EP
LD06C - Liquid Colors
PZD032 - The Bombastic EP

Set List

(2) Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 or MK3
(1) Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer (w/ Channels 1 and 4 reserved for CDJ’s.)