Aqua Viva

Aqua Viva


Internationally flavored, art-pop, jazzy, electronica that will make you smile and your hips start to sway. The perfect soundtrack for celebrating friendship and beauty. Coupled with projected original art and two dance companies Aqua Viva's live show is a "Fete Artistique!"


Miles Davis, an icon of American music, had remained a vital artist throughout his career due to his ability to incorporate new, exciting sounds and styles in his jazz recordings. It is in this spirit that David Pray introduces Aqua Viva’s first studio CD release: Eleven original songs and one fresh arrangement of a beloved classic. There are instrumental as well vocal tracks by David and sultry young singer Jennifer Ford. European in flavor, the songs are diverse in style and influence; a reflection of Pray’s extensive world travels.

On Friday, September 14th at 7pm Aqua Viva will perform a CD release concert at the Cameron Art Museum. CD’s will be available for sale that night. Joining David and Jennifer are the musicians who performed on the recording: Kevin Kolb - keys, local sax legend Leroy Harper Jr., and Rich Zimmerman - sax. West African percussionist Cheick Sissoko will also perform.

Bryan Sandala of The Currents named David Pray one the top entertainers to ring in the 2007 New Year . He wrote, ”(David’s band is) well regarded for their singular brand of jazzy pop…”

And entertain they will…dance companies Forward Motion and Glory Academy of Fine Arts will perform original choreography during the concert. Fine art photographer Matthew Dols (, textile/batik artist Kristin Gibson, graphic designer Todd Dengler (Yonder Shore Studio - Aqua Viva logo and CD artwork), painters David Hervey, Natali Beightley and James Davis are contributing high resolution photos of the their work to be projected onto the Cameron Art Museum’s 22 foot screen as backdrops for Aqua Viva.

David states: “When I was in college in Santa Barbara, California artists from all disciplines would come together to put on events. I’m thrilled to find that spirit here in Wilmington. The CD release concert will be memorable and certainly a Fete Artistique.”


Orange and Blue

Written By: David Pray

The time is right to fly
You never question why
You grab your coat
While you put your lipstick on

On the side of wild
Even as a child
There were signs
You'd embrace a life of crime

Orange and blue
These colors remind me of you

Your prints were on a gun
Now you're on the run
The FBI are constantly drawing nigh

Orange and blue
These colors remind me of you
Orange and blue
Seems trouble is never far from you


Written By: David Pray

She never knew the reason why
She only knew she had to try
She spread her wings open wide
And flew away

Say You Love Me

Written By: David Pray

Say you love me
'Cause I can feel it
Say you love me
I know you mean it


Written By: David Pray

Instrumental track, no lyrics.


Debut CD out now!
Tracks and airplay:
1. Say You Love Me
2. Hers Three Cats - hear it on
3. Toro
4. Sayonara Slumber - hear it on
5. Fly
6. Cherish
7. Orange and Blue
8. Try
9. The Look of Love
10. Hello
11. Letters
12. The Long Road Home - hear it on and

Set List

The Look of Love
Hers Three Cats (with dancers)
Sayonara Slumber
Try (with dancers)
Orange and Blue
The Long Road Home
Say You Love Me (with dancers)
Encore: Cherish