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"Aqueduct Pocket"

In between the rage and the passe comes this funky, cool groove band from the sands of the desert called Aqueduct Pocket.

Blending a soundscape of such bands as Sugar Ray, Sublime and Dave Mathews, Aqueduct pocket brands its own flavor of laid back, sunroof down, cool textured tunes for anyone's listening pleasure.

Headed by Kurt Spurgin on guitar, Micah Stark on bass, Dominic Torres on drums and Steve Robbins on guitar, Aqueduct Pocket is not restricted to playing a particular kind of music, which makes it a great party band. - Desert Post Weekly, Tracy Dietlin

"Battle of the Bands"

"Aqueduct Pocket has... a tight ensemble sound, but a freedom to explore instrumental ideas within that sound that makes me want to hear more from them." - Desert Sun, Bruce Fessier

"Review of "gold digger""

“The vocalist is very good, as are the lyrics, melody, arrangement and musicianship! Well done!” - Henry Correy, 2003 Winner of Sydney Blues Society Annual Award

"Rising Star Spotlight"

"Known for their cool grooves and hip songs, Aqueduct Pocket has a charm and a style that draws in the local crowds. " - The WORKS Magazine

"Aqueduct Pocket: Coachella"

With the release of Coachella, Aqueduct Pocket has shown that they are one of the most versatile bands in the valley. Blending and mixing genres of their liking, they create something foreign...Elements of Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Reggae harmoniously coexist on the record. And the all contribute to the funky-fresh vibe the songs discharge upon your ears. Catch their songs on a local radio station, or see them playing at a bar. Their buzz around the valley is increasing in potency. Soon we'll all be intoxicated by the sounds of Aqueduct Pocket and lose all hand eye coordination. - Re:Generator Magazine

"Interview w/ Aqueduct Pocket"

YFW: Alright we are here with Aqueduct Pocket. Why don’t you tell us about your recent show with the Red Elvis’?
AQ: Yea, we just got back from playing with an awesome band called the Red Elvis’. It was a great chance for us to play a big show outside of the desert. We sold a good amount of CD’s and we think we converted a few new fans. So, all in all it was a great experience and a great show.
YFW: Are you guys looking to do a lot more shows out here?
AQ: We got a few shows setup here locally. We are playing your next release party and will be playing the day before. The Ale House has been calling us quite a bit so, look for us there in the near future.
YFW: How’s the scene treating you guys right now?
AQ: The whole valley has been picking up with a lot of live shows. The disco crowd is dying and the clubs are now looking towards bands like us to fill up their dance floors. John Stanley King ruled the valley for awhile and we think he is a major part in the change in the valley.
YFW: We should do a John Stanley tribute album.
AQ: Yes! Book us on that album. We think a lot of the local bands would jump on that actually.
YFW: Your guys just did the 97.7 YFW Block last week. How was that?
AQ: It was a blast. We’ve sat down and listened to it a bunch of times. It’s cool just to sit down and hang out doing an interview. It’s about time that a radio station opened their eyes and paid attention to the local bands out here.
YFW: Where can people pick up your record?
AQ: Actually, Kurt went down to the Record Alley last week to see if they had the CD’s out on the rack. Well, I guess one of the girls that works there, it was her birthday. So, two of the people started doing a birthday dance and stripping down to their undies and grinding on each other. The funny thing was Kurt had his six year old with him. So, yea, you can go to the Record Alley and pick yourself up a copy of our CD. You can also go to Tower Records and
YFW: Are you guys working on doing another album soon?
AQ: Actually, we got a lot of new stuff and we are always putting together new tracks. Most likely the next album will be a little bit hard. Last time we practiced we create two new great songs. So, when you see us next time we will have some new stuff to show you. All of our new songs blow away all of our other s***. We now have an idea of where we want to go with our music.
YFW: Did you have fun in the studio on your last album?
AQ: Actually, when we went into the studio, we had songs created and when we got into record we actually started to revolve the songs and fine tune them. The whole experience itself was great and we really feel like we put out a quality product that everyone can enjoy. You really get to experiment and try new things when you get into a studio.
YFW: How do you see the band now as compared to a year ago?
AQ: The band has formed into more of a professional sound. We are a lot closer and our music is a lot tighter and creative. Just like every band, over time the band’s sound just becomes better and more complex. I guess you could say we are seasoned.
YFW: Let me guess. You guys are onmyspace.
AQ: You can check us out on myspace. Goto myspace and just type in the band name and we pop up.
YFW: I think myspace is the first cyber drug.
AQ: It is and at the same time is the coolest thing for bands to be able to network with each other. You’re able to hook up with bands all over the country and it allows bands to hook up with bands to setup a tour if needed. It’s a big time saver.
YFW: Any departing words?
AQ: Thanks for having us and we really love the support you guys have given us. You guys are a perfect example of how the scene is blowing up. There was never anything like this and we thank everyone loves you guys for helping the locals out.
Also, go to our website and check it out to find our shows. Go out and pick up our CD. We promise you it’s your moneys worth.
- Yourfromwhere? Magazine

"Aqueduct Pocket introduces "Coachella" to the rest of the valley"

Kurt Spurgin admits that the boys in his band, Aqueduct Pocket, don't look the part of rock stars. No tattoos, no dangling cigarettes, no long hair.

The four musicians, ranging in age from their early 20's to early 50's don't even look like members of the band. But when they play it's easy to forget that.

"We don't all dress the same, we don't look like we come from the same generation,"says Spurgin, lead singer and guitarist. "But when we all work together as a band we're compelling."

Aqueduct Pocket doesn't sound guite like anyone else in the valley either. With breezy guitar vamps, reggae rhythms, and funky breaks, the quartet's music brings to mind the serene beaches of Orange County nore than the harsh desert sun.

Still, they've played alongside some of the valley's heaviest-sounding groups, like Wiseman and Conspiracy of Thought, and competed in local battle of the bands events.

Little by little, Spurgin and the boys have generated a respectable fan base, all while playing with bands that sound nothing like them.

On Saturday, July 23, they celebrate the release of their debut CD, Coachella at the Ale House inPalm Springs. Spurgin says this is farther than he ever expected the band to go.

"When I forst wrote these songs, I thought I'd be playing them for my wife and my friends, "he laughs.

When Aqueduct Pocket performs at the Ale House, they'll be joined by Conjob, from Huntington Beach and Modern Day Moonshine from Sand Diego, two bands whom Spurgin says will compliment Aqueduct Pocket nicely.

"When people first walk in, if they don't know us, they may say 'who are these guys?" Spurgin jokes, "but we'll get people up and get them dancing."
- Desert Post Weekly

"Celebrating Music"

Coachella Valley's Aqueduct Pocket will celebrate its new CD "Coachella" with a party in Palm Springs this weekend.

The party and performance will take place at 9 p.m. Saturday at The Ale House in Palm Springs.

Founder and singer/guitarist Kurt Spurgin, drummer Dominic Torres, bassist Micah Stark and guitarist Steve Robbins will play cuts off the album, which features funk, reggae, rock and ska.

The group is performing with the power pop, rock and funk act Conjob, and reggae, blues and soul act Modern Day Moonshine.

Spurgin, who works as a chiropractor in Indio, said he played in a variety of bands before moving to the Coachella Valley in late 1998. The 35-year-old La Quinta resident said putting together a band in the desert was not easy.

"It's very difficult to find musicians that have a similar taste in music or musical ability," he said. "One guy would play Christian death metal and not have the same ideas. Or there would be guys with a similar taste in music but not very talented."

Spurgin eventually decided to develop his songwriting abilities, play the music himself and record it. Aqueduct Pocket was formed in late 2002 after Spurgin recorded nine tracks in 2000 and 2001 and used them to recruit future band members.

The new band had to learn the music and later would adapt the sound to their individual playing styles.

"When you jam out, that idea evolves and then you add your own flair and flavor," he said. "It starts a seed and grows, and the band develops."

Spurgin said he has not had formal music training.

"I just kind of do what comes naturally," he said. "That's true for the rest of the band. We try to not have any preconceived notions of what it sounds like."

At the concert, Aqueduct Pocket's "Coachella" CD will be sold for $10 and T-shirts for $15. There will also be CD and T-shirt giveaways. - Press Enterprise

"Get your fill of Ale with Aqueduct Pocket"

That old story of local band makes good comes to fruition once again with Aqueduct Pocket's highly anticipated CD release party, slated for this Saturday at the Ale House in Palm Springs.

Possessing neither the look nor sound of your average band, this Indio quartet specializes in danceable grooves and tight beats, resulting in a compelling fusion of funk, rock, blues, jazz, and reggae.

And as surly veterans of both M99.5's "Rising Stars Showcase" and several "Battle of the Bands" competitions, Aqueduct Pocket definitely knows how to rock. - The Desert Sun

"Indio quartet has the beat"

In the topsy turvy world of the desert music scene, it ain't every day that a local group makes good and is henceforth rewarded with an appropriately lavish CD-release party.

Such is the case for Aqueduct Pocket, an Indio quartet who's anti-hip approach to rock 'n roll has earned them rave reviews and a spot in M99.5's "Rising Star Showcase.

With members ranging in age from 20-something to 50-something, AP may not look the part, but they'll no doubt change the tune of any doubters as they take the stage tonight at the Ale House stage in Palm Springs for an evening of tight beats and compelling grooves. - Desert Sun


Aqueduct Pocket's first full length CD "Coachella" released in June 2005

Aqueduct Pocket has recieved dozens of spins on mainstream FM radio (99.5 KCRW and 97.7 KRCK) and has been interviewed 8 times.

skeleton key was voted the #1 track on M99.5 radio's "2005 fan favorite countdown"


Feeling a bit camera shy


The band was originally the brainchild of Kurt Spurgin (guitar, vocals) who had written and recorded 9 original tracks in his home studio in 2000 and 2001. Kurt used the resulting demo to recruit musicians who shared a similar vision and Aqueduct Pocket was formed in late 2002. The band has since reworked Kurt’s tracks and has written several new songs. The resulting material represents the combined vision of all of the band’s members.

Aqueduct Pocket has generated quite a buzz in the Palm Desert music scene in recent months. They have been interviewed on several occasions and have had seven different tracks played on FM radio (99.5 KMRJ and 97.7 KRCK). The band has also been interviewed live and had live footage of one of their shows air on CBS. They have twice participated in M99.5’s “Rising Stars Showcase” with several nationally recognized artists. And, they have received favorable reviews by some of the desert’s most widely- read publications: The Desert Sun and the Desert Post Weekly.

Much of this buzz is the result of Aqueduct Pocket’s exciting live shows. Fan response at local clubs has been overwhelming. In two separate “Battle of the Bands” competitions in Palm Springs, Aqueduct Pocket made it to the finals in both events; demonstrating that they have a sound that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. This sound and their dynamic stage presence have prompted another reviewer to describe them as “a great party band”.