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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Un Caso Isolato"

If you thought Aquefrigide was just "another" alternative band from Italy, think again. At times the album "Un Caso Isolato" comes off as grindcore in sound. Other times it presents itself heavy in punk influences. Either way you look at it the best way to classify it is "industrial rock". Starting off with "Detesto", it reminds me of going out to a pub on a Friday night with friends to see some live music, and this being the opening song. Shortly into it, the song stands up and bites you in the ass making you want more. The lyrics which sound a bit poppy at times sinks its teeth into you, infecting every part of your being. Soon you find yourself bouncing around to the beats. "Anima" takes it to the next level pulling you in deeper than you expected with heavy bass riffs and growling vocals. "Trota" is the perfect blend of vocals, thundering drums, heavy guitars and bass solos flowing so smoothly, you don't notice yourself thrashing around. "Ago Primavera" hauntingly reminds one of a nursery rhyme, only torn to shreds and reamputated into a twisted, distorted creation. From start to finish, this album has a great flow with an ever changing vocal range and musical manipulations. This is definately a band to keep an eye on. The entire album was sung in Italian, which grabs your attention and brings even more depth to this splendid masterpiece.

Score: 10
Written By: Stephanie Van Auken - Industrial Mafia Promotions


Un Caso Isolato
Subsound Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tragical Solid Solo Theatre Noise Project, this is the music syntesis coming from the rotten artist's mind of BRE BESKYT DYRENE, estabilished musician of the Underground scene of Rome.

Distorted riffs, anguishing atmospheres, dark and unstable screams, melting into an original sound.
After a lot of histrionic live shows in most important national clubs, the italian tour as "noise-weaver" in the Living Theatre and other avantgarde shows, Aquefrigide catch the attention of the Independent Label Subsound Records that immediately ink a deal during 2004 to start the production of the debut album "Un Caso Isolato".

Produced, recorded and engineered at Subsound Records in Italy/Rome and mastered at Finnvox Studios in Finland/Helsinki by Mika Jussila, "Un Caso Isolato" is the long awaited stunning debut album of Aquefrigide!