You can't go wrong with a band that plays fun and upbeat music. We love to play covers of bands including The Beatles, Blink-182, and The Black Keys as well as write our own tunes with similar styles. Aquestion really is your answer.


Formed in 2011, Aquestion began in the basement of a flat on UW-Madison's campus. They were brought together through their enjoyment of fast-paced and fun alternative music. Because of this, they quickly learned and added to their arsenal many Blink-182 songs. After many more months of learning new music while putting up with school, they had enough talent to enter a battle of the bands in Milwaukee. Although they didn't win, one judge (who happened to be the drummer for the band Blue Oyster Cult) pointed out that Tom was easily the best drummer in the contest. From there they started writing more music and striving to learn and perfect the ways of a musician.

Set List

Debtor, Faster, Splitting Stilts, Helga Pataki, I Don't Wanna Grow Up, Bring Me Down

Blink-182: All the Small Things, Going Away to College, Man Overboard, Dammit
The Black Keys: Just Got to Be, Gold on the Ceiling
Third Eye Blind: Semi-charmed Life, Jumper
Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues
The Beatles: I Feel Fine, She Said She Said, Help!
Muse: Plug-in Baby
And more