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Written By: Mike Morris & Naomi-Joy



Behold there was called, a council in Heaven
Where spiritual conflict arose among Gods’ pre-mortal spiritual children

To the youngest was blame cast – Cast upon me the “Morning Star!”
Once God’s brightest Angel
Then named a Devil;
Lucifer…Satan…such names and more

But exempt not my elder brother, the Christ
Though he asserts that it was I
Who began
The great war…in Heaven



And so the gathering begins
In lieu of this wondrous plan
And the search for a “Saviour” to redeem
The sins of man

A strong and valiant leader
I am the “Morning Star,”
Thy son of God and truth
Well…so far…so far

And I will bring salvation!

Send me
I’ll force them to their knees
But give all the glory to me
And only me

Forget free agency
I’ll force them all back to thee
But give all the glory to me
And only me


There then arose yet another
And up his sleeve was a plan
And he stood upon the air
Before the hosts of Heaven
Against the morning star
Assigning condemnation



Not all souls can be saved
Or be forced back to Heaven
Give them the choice but there must be
Consequences for sin

As God’s first begotten spirit son,
I’ve composed a blessed Plan of Salvation
Centered on the Agency of Man.

So cast out Lucifer for his ways are wrong
He was truly a tyrant all along
Seeking the throne of God


I’ll give my life
I’ll atone for I’m not afraid to die
For the sins of Mankind
And all the Glory shall be Thine


Well, glory be to God!
And glory to his Christ!
But why can’t the glory ever be mine?
With Christ’s plan
All are truly damned…
By sin
Yet I’d save them all!
None would be lost…NOT ONE
Was this not what you wanted all along?
Choose me and keep your inheritance!


And so between us ensued
Open warfare in Heaven
But the time had come to signify
One’s commitment to God’s plan

The majority fearing God made a vote
In favour of the Christ
And followed Satan, one third of Heaven
Banished from God’s sight.

Man would be given a choice for salvation
Only the loyal would return to Heaven
But knowing the fight would go on forever
Down to the earth they cast Lucifer


Named an enemy to man,
A dark and malicious demon
Ignorant to my plight
Never seen as a victim

When damned by God
What more can one lose?
When it’s too late for forgiveness
Wouldn’t you fight too?


Cast out from all that we’ve known
Chastised and eternally damned
Beneath this elder spirit son
Now the Son of Man

Resentment cold, and Hatred fierce
What Christ allows himself to be pierced
And be called the ONLY Son of God?

I want justice! I’ve been wronged

Let him be crucified
Let him atone, then let him DIE!
He took the glory from me
Now I’ll destroy Man’s belief

But who will write that it was I
Who by great power shall crucify
Their “God” and let them see
It should have been me?!