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(chou 0402) prod. & publ. Choux de Bruxelles - released 31/3/2004

The third album by Jaune Toujours, recorded at the Studio Caraïbes and mastered at Galaxy Reference Mastering, is produced by Jaune Toujours’ own label Choux de Bruxelles, and distributed through Pias in Belgium and The Netherlands and internationally through a license deal with Discmedi, Barcelona. Barricade has socially commited lyrics, catchy songs carried by the groove of accordion, drums and bass, strengthened by the “crème de la crème” of Belgian horn blowers. This results in a lot of musical variation: from the accordion sounds of the Marolles (the “musette” quarter of Brussels) over brassband to influences from deep-ska and dub....

Camping del Mundo
(chou 0202) prod. & publ. Choux de Bruxelles - released 19/3/2002

The second album by Jaune Toujours, recorded at the Rising Sun Studio and mastered at the Jet Studios, was the first album to be released on the own label Choux de Bruxelles, with a Benelux distribution by Pias. Bomba records now distribute them in Japan and Discovery (UK) and Tripsichord (France) will also include it in their back catalogue. Camping del Mundo puts the social and urban themes Jaune Toujours started exploring on Brusk, in a broader perspective. In a musical formula which had proved its value: songs alternated with solid instrumental pieces, carried by the power of an energetic horn section.

(WBM21014) prod.Wildboar/Alea, publ. Choux de Bruxelles-released 14/4/2000

The first full album of Jaune Toujours, recorded at the Brussels Jet Studios, released on the label Wildboar/Alea and published by Choux de Bruxelles. BRUSK sees life through the eyes of the capital, talking about the frantic activity in the city and the people you meet there, but also carries more socially committed songs with references to the expulsions of asylum seekers and the racial riots in Kuregem, Anderlecht (Brussels).

(MAPCD98003) prod. Ancienne Belqique/MAPrecords, publ. Choux de Bruxelles - released 1/6/1998

Debute mini-album with three studio-recorded songs (may '98): "Accordéon", "Mr. Théo" and "L'O", and two live recordings from a concert at the Ancienne Belgique’s Club (december ‘97): "Marriage Patate" and "Café". “Mr. Theo” was chosen by radiostations as a sort of single-track, and was included in a few compilations.



The musical repertoire that we investigate is also the synthesis of different worlds, centuries ago… It travelled across generations and lands to reach us in Brussels. It’s commonly called Arabo-Andalusian music, a-Tarab al-Andalous. By thoroughly taking it apart and then putting it back together while adding our personal flavours, we make it our own so the audience can hear who we are in relation to this tradition. Our collaboration helps to create this world today, where it’s important to look back, to be able to see more clearly what lies ahead. That’s what makes this project a necessity to us.

JAUNNE TOUJOURS:Their lyrics in French – and occasionally in Dutch, Romanès, Italian and Spanish -are sophisticated and poetic, yet bold and strong in communicating the state of the world. Jaune Toujours strive to speak for those who, too often, are not heard.

Luckily, partnerships in this philosophy are still possible in the realm of World Music and Jaune Toujours have built a strong network around them.

Thus, Barricade, the latest album by Jaune Toujours is released internationally through an international license deal with Discmedi. The album is now available in England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Canada and the USA. It’s available in Japan through Bomba Records and in Belgium and the Netherlands through PIAS.