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A self proclaimed style perfectionist and firm believer in the ideal that music should sound good before anything else is considered. Hip-Hop especially, is no exception to the rule.


Writing lyrics since the age of 12 (approx 1991), Arablak is a well seasoned veteran in the art of emceeing. He grew up listening to and mimicking artists such as KRS One, Ras Kass, Wu Tang Clan, Onyx, EPMD, Redman, Bootcamp Clik, Nas, The Roots, Pharoahe Monch, Common, as well as numerous others...

A fan of hip-hop music primarily, it is his priority to make music that is exceptional, in a market where being average is the new standard.

Born and raised in Worcester, MA, he grew up fast, self educating himself in the perils of low income society, while still maintaining a healthy fascination for science, math and language skills. The "bright kid" in the back of the class, displayed constant disdain for authority and normality. Refusing to blend in, and made it a point to be different from his dress code, to his style of walk and speech... Arablak was Hip-Hop… A creative soul, drenched in the blossoming culture surrounding him. From the early to mid 90's, he was fortunate enough to grow amidst hip-hop's famed ‘boom-bap’ era.

Now a well rounded man, with experiences ranging from low income housing & early fatherhood to corporate America & middle class life, he is eager to unveil his art to any and all ears thirsty for some fresh, energetic music, created with quality in mind, and passion in the heart.


'Scorpion Summer' - Billy Pain / 1999
'The 7 Hill Xperience' - Cold World Industries / 2001
'The Overwhelm' - Ethereal Plains / 2003
'Attack 2 - The Trenches' - Personal Foul / 2006
'The Haymakers' (LP) - Brass Knuckle Mentality (group vocalist) / 2006
'Daily Livin' - Nite People / 2007
'Moods & Moments' - Sentense / 2008
'All In' - Steadfast / 2008
'Burton Music' - The Custodian of Records / 2009
'What Do You Mean, You People?' - Nite People / 2009
'The Deed' (single) - from the LP 'Fresh Heir' / Sept. 2009
'Art Life' (single) - from the LP 'Fresh Heir' / Sept. 2009
'Off The Ground' (single) - from the LP 'Fresh Heir' / Sept. 2009

Media & Press Outlets:

WRAS 88.5 FM - Atlanta, GA
WRFG 89.3 FM - Atlanta, GA
WVFS 89.7 FM - Tallahassee, FL
WQUB 90.3 FM - Quincy, IL
WFMU 91.1 FM - Jersey City, NJ
WCUW 91.3 FM - Worcester, MA
XM 65 The Rhyme

Set List

30 Minute Set:

1. Random Intro
2. 'Art Life' (with beat switch)
3. Do It Right (with beat switch)
4. 'Stank'
5. 'Double Helix'
6. 'The Deed' (with beat switch)
7. 'BLAW!!!'