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Aradhana Silvermoon

Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"On the Rise . . ."

Hot music, Hot bod, Hot soul... watch out world, a new sun is on the rise, a
new heart beats within us all when music of the soul from the lips of the spirit
resonant in the cool breeze of life... aradhana will see to that.

-Scott Carr, LA
screenwriter/filmaker - Internet Publication

"What people are saying . . ."

*i never did tell you yet how 'cool breeze' rocks my world..... what an
amazing experience listening to that... i had to stop everything else i was doing
thanks for that beautiful

-Louise F., leadsinger of the Flir

*YOU and your new album have really inspired me. I have been singing your songs every day and can't get them out of my head...Or, more importantly out of my soul. You have truly touched me with your words and music
-Jaime G.

*I really love your songs. I was all in tears driving on the freeway this morning, because your words and voice really touched me so deeply.
Thank you.

*I've been listening to your songs (for the first time) on myspace. You have an amazing gift. Your voice is heavenly, and your words definitely show your connection to the heart and higher realms. Bravo.
I've been especially touched by Infinite Oneness, maybe because I was fortunate to get to meet Patrick. . . . .
I'm hoping to get to see and hear you 'live' this time around ;-)


-, myspace


Great new artist! She should be going places!
Reviewer: Madeline G.
Great new sound! Very original lyrics! Wonderful guitar work. Really gets you listening to what is being said - you really feel the soul of this artist.

Brilliant, Radiates love, Delivers medicine for the soul
Reviewer: Sara
This CD is a must have! Listen and find the peace within. Aradhana's original music, poetic lyrics, vocals, and folk guitar rhythms are fresh and passionate. Her universal message is delivered through a loving open heart and puts a new spin on the term 'soul music.' Through this music you will experience self-discovery, peace, love, and compassion. Relax, reflect, and enjoy this special gift!

Open your Heart and Live your Life, Now!
Reviewer: Nancy Layne
I was moved by the music and melody. It took me places in my heart that have been closed off for years. The words of this music really hit home, giving me an opportunity to open up and see just how deep my love is. Buy some for your friends. I did!

A work of heartfelt honesty and courage, this is an artist to watch!
Reviewer: Jewels
INFINITE ONENESS is a rare treat, a work of such honesty and heartfelt emotion that you can't help but be moved by it. Beautiful vocals, intricate guitar work and lush production make this CD a great listening experience. "Who I Am" and "The Only You" tell the story of a young woman growing into herself, while "Love is Stronger Than Fear" tells the story of a magical romance. The title track is the centerpiece of this record - telling the heartbreaking and true story of Aradhana's loss of her soulmate. It takes strength and heart to tell a story like this and also to listen to it.So listen! It will be good for your soul....

this cd rocks....
Reviewer: Mikey S. Weed
everyone should buy this awesome is a work of genius and is bursting with emotion...everyone should have it

- CDBaby


"Preview"--2005 (5 song EP)
"Infinite Oneness"-- 2006
"Silvermoon with Roots A'Risin' "(to be released Fall 2007)



Aradhana’s soulful, heart-opening songs spring from a place deep within, inspiring audiences across the country. Her unique folk guitar rhythms accompany powerful, poetic lyrics, sung with sensitivity and passion. Through her angelic vocals and earth-tones, she emits a warm, loving, and nurturing energy that leaves you hungry for more.
Baltimore born and raised, Aradhana’s first love is music. She sang in numerous choruses and choirs throughout her childhood which led her to study voice, guitar, piano, and African drumming in high school and college. After completing her degree in fine arts from the University of Maryland, she and a couple of friends created the acoustic group, Roots A’Risin’--initially all female--which later evolved into a four piece band of both men and women. This Washington DC based band worked extensively on their original recordings, and played at various venues across the east coast-- including opening for the Jerry Garcia Band New Year’s Eve, 2003. After much learning and growth as a musician, performer, and friend, Silvermoon felt a calling to honor her true path to best serve creation as a vessel for this healing music.
In March 2003, she parted ways with the band and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her solo career. She released her first solo album, “Infinite Oneness,” on June 2, 2006. This very special album is a dedication and a memorial to her beloved, Patrick Joseph Donohoe, who passed away in October 2005 at the young age of 30.
Her music has been performed at healing centers, yoga studios, music festivals, coffee shops, and bars throughout the country. At the age of 27, Aradhana continues to travel, write and perform her prolific music, inspired by her adventures, love, and reverence for all life.