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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF | AFM

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Pop Synth





Listening to Aradia can be likened to sipping a brew of electronic and pop rhythms. Aradia's vocal tone is unique, full of intrigue and a haunting style. Perhaps what is most striking about her album, Possibilities: Dark, is that is a cohesively put together project that will undeniably capture the listener's ear. -; Kyle Jarmon

"Aradia: Possibilities: Dark"

If Bjork and Evanescence had a threesome with David Bowie, Aradia very well could have been the result of their one night stand. Of course, PJ Harvey conceivably could have been her babysitter, rearing her to what we presently have before us: a very unique, dark and electro-pop hybrid of a singer. With cutting lyrics and sparse arrangements that rely on her voice and sheer conviction, Aradia sings between the dark and light elements, with vocals that build a complex gray area that leaves the listener questioning what they’ve just heard. -


The Seattle-based one woman electronic ensemble named Aradia is a roktronica Goddess with fire in her belly, talent streaming out of every sinew of her being and an insatiable determination to create music that is fresh and unmistakably...Aradia. - Daniel Davidson-Amadi (

"Aradia - Citizen of Earth"

Seattle-based Aradia is one of the seemingly rarer breeds of musicians nowadays with total reign over her independence as an artist. The electro-pop upcomer embraces a DIY approach to everything that falls under her name – writing and recording all her music, designing her own costumes, and creating her own graphic designs and art concepts.

The result is 12-track debut album, “Citizen of Earth”, which upon its 2014 release has already had 2 songs nominated at the acclaimed ‘Hollywood Music in Media Awards’.
The album infuses electronica, trip-hop and new wave and dresses it in pop attire, leaving you with tracks that are smooth and listenable while boasting layers of experimentation beneath the surface. “Knock Knock” is particularly impressive – a heavily percussive track with an almost sinister air of largeness forged by forbidding synthesizers, while “Fire” boasts the dance floor bravado that drove Lady Gaga to success.

“Citizen of Earth” is a fresh and eclectic debut-album, and a testament to the power of creative control - listen to the rest of the album here: - Papercut Mag

"ALBUM REVIEW: Aradia “Citizen of Earth”"

While the 11-track album may sound playful, inspired with electro-beats and percussion, her lyrics deliver meaningful positivity. “To trust your instincts they’re always right. And now you know that you walk in the light. Don’t hold your breath ‘cuz another day is coming. It’s different now, you don’t have to keep running.” “The Light” was charged by Aradia—showing her fans that her new-wave electronic music isn’t only about dancing, but dancing in luminosity. She seems very in-tune with her natural surroundings, frequently citing examples from fire, starlight, and the how she is one with the sky and sea. “Isolation is a tragedy. The idea that we’re separate is just illusory,” she also remains poetic in “Trouble.” And being that she is in search of another “M-Class” planet, is she also revealing her dark side—a loss of hope?

Her complexity in the album can also be reflected by her unreal style, where she is known for out of this world (literally) fashion designs and style. When she’s not busy writing new songs or putting together a space-travel-star-princess costume, you can catch her performing in an upcoming West coast tour. In the meantime, check out one of my favorite tracks off Citizen of Earth below, “Trouble.” - Audiofemme

"Music Review: Aradia – ‘Citizen of Earth’"

Seattle’s electronic/pop artist Aradia released last October her album Citizen of Earth, a collection of electronic music, a good portion of which is reminiscent of the style preponderant in the 1990s while remaining quite diverse. Driven by the “do it yourself” spirit, she writes her music, records it herself, designs her costumes, and provides her own graphic design.

In this collection of 11 tracks, the self-proclaimed proud citizen of earth has taken the time to compose socially conscious lyrics which are set within fresh, trippy, infectious, and little otherworldly melodies. “There are people out there who feel lonely or weird, like nobody truly understands them or talks to them, and I feel like I empathize with and give voice to them and their fears, hopes and concerns,” Aradia says. “Some musicians connect best with the super depressed, some with partiers, others who hate their lives and are angry all the time – but who’s out there talking to those who may feel alone but who are deep thinkers who truly care about where we’re going as a race – but also want to have fun? That’s what I am about and what Citizen of Earth is about.” - Blog Critics


Still working on that hot first release.



The virtual dancehall that is the world of pop music is a crowded and disparate place, full of talents great and small. Those who stand out in the mayhem are those with electric talents and eclectic personalities. One or the other will usually suffice, but occasionally someone comes along with both.

Meet Aradia. She has both.

With the playfulness of Grimes, the intensity & introspection of Florence Welch and the swagger of Lizzo, Aradia brings something with originality and depth to the world of Alternative Pop. In the tradition of the few female artists she can be likened to, Aradia composes & produces her own music. Her progressive, building arrangements echo elements of Robyn, MARINA, Blondie and Roosevelt—artfully blending Nu Disco, 80s guitar rock and modern electronica.

Her talent is born from a lifetime of studying & performing music. Born in the New York City metropolitan area, Aradia eventually enrolled in the Aaron Copland School of Music.  Disaffected with the politics of the classical music world, Aradia dropped out of conservatory and launched her efforts to make music on her own terms. She played guitar & sang in bands, while working on her synth-driven solo music.

After a sojourn to Seattle & Los Angeles where she fine-tuned her craft and her sound, Aradia landed back home in NYC. Her single releases “CEO,” “Out of the Blue” and “Become One” garnered recognition from indie radio and the blogosphere. She's now performing regularly while continuing to pump out a string of anthemic new singles.

In addition to making music, Aradia is passionately involved in Animal Rights & Rescue, racial & gender equality, and fashion design. A dedication to conservation and a sustainable future drive the message behind some of her songs, as well as her social media and partnerships. With the goal of bringing more attention to the power of connection & cooperation, Aradia mentors & works to inspire at every available opportunity.

While other artists dabbling or diving into sounds struggle to marry the principals of technology and real life, Aradia carves up reality into musical packets and serves them hot and fresh to all comers—sharing bits of her empowerment & insight along the way. Her ability to illuminate moments large and small is distinctive, and she can bloody well knock you on your ass with her powerful arrangements or her voice. Aradia’s music isn’t a whim or a fad; it’s a life-impacting experience.

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