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“At “Peace on Earth”, the Armenian multidimensional composer, builds a bridge made of music (…) aiming to bring the human excess to the mind and soul, which can touch the ideal, meaning the notion of Peace.” - Sotiris Mpekas, Difono Magazine

"Assured and intense stuff from Armenian virtuoso"

On the second disc, Dinkjian revisits some of the melodies that are listened to daily by millions of people, having been sung by an impressive array of popular singers like Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Sezen Aksu [...]
Dinkjian shines as an instrumentalist, interpreting his own themes and then using them as improvisation vehicles, often augmenting the textures with wordless vocals. The album slowly builds an intensity, retaining the feeling of a live performance – at times pensive, at times joyous celebration – carrying the listener away in the unique musical world of this Armenian in America.
(For Ara Dinkjian’s solo album “An Armenian in America, Live in Jerusalem”) - Frascesco Martinelli, Songlines Magazine

"Taste Of Oud"

A superb and a - once in a lifetime - musical experience. Not less.
These are the words that I can use to describe the fantastic concert that took place in Jerusalem theatre during the Oud Festival. The title of the concert was “Top Trio” and the name did represent reality: three Oud soloists from the finest to be found.
Ara Dinkjian is considered to be one of the world music prophets. His Jazz ensemble the “Night Ark”, founded 20 years ago represented the connection between the East and the West creating a homogenous blend between Eastern and Mediterranean sounds, along with a touch of jazz.
- Yon Feder, Ynet


...from early "Night Ark's" and to this day, every time I hear Ara's compositions and his soulful caress of the oud, hidden depths of beauty are slowly and lovingly revealed to me, and Ara's embracing spirit seeps gently though the music straight into my heart... - Z.F.

"NIGHT ARK, Ta vradia mou ta ergenika"

... Ara Dinkjian, founder of Night Ark, was as fortunate as to meet with three musicians - Arto Tunçboyaciyan, Armen Donelian and Marc Johnson, - and realise his dream; to functionally merge the music of the past with the music of today. Either because he recognises instant needs , either because he can adjust new things to his environment, the fact is that the result is excellent... - Giorgos Mouhtaridis, Ihos & Hi-Fi Magazine

"Music Night Ark (Music Cafe magazine)"

...his name is known worldwide. I Greece, his name was known from his collaboration with Eleftheria Arvanitaki. His name is Ara Dinkjian, the soul of Night Ark and one of the most classic musicians in the world... - Dina Batzia, Teri Mavridis

"Joy to the World"

... Dinkjian, who penned the songs for Arvanitaki's critically acclaimed Ta Kormia ke ta Maheria (The Bodies and Daggers) among others, mesmerized the crowd with a number of lengthy introductory improvisations (taximia) on the oud that established the scales for a good number of the evening's songs. His flawless and extraordinary expressive touch on the segue to "To kokkino Foustani (The Red Dress)" drew the audience into an acoustic vacuum where deliberately placed notes mixed sorrow, longing and hidden passions... - Constantine N. Kolitsas, The GreekAmerican

"The Armenian that had the Greeks singing"

...Describing the making of "In Wonderland" - Night Ark's third and latest outing materializing into nothing else than a superb, delicate and visceral lattice-work of tracks were the pendulum swings from Armenian folk to jazz... - Gerge Kolyvas

"Treasures from the Ark, The evolution of an Original"

...Dinkjian went on to become the first and only oud major in his country... - Hrair Sarkis Sarkissian, AIM


Ara Dinkjian is featured as a player and/or composer on the following recordings:

- ARA DINKJIAN _ Peace on Earth (Krikor Music)
- ARA DINKJIAN _ An Armenian In America (Krikor Music)
- NIGHT ARK _ Petals On Your Path (Universal/EmArcy)
- NIGHT ARK _ Treasures (Traditional Crossroads)
- NIGHT ARK _ Moments (RCA/BMG/Novus)
- NIGHT ARK _ Picture (RCA/BMG/Novus)
- ARTO TUNCBOYACIYAN & ARA DINKJIAN _ Tears Of Dignity (Libra Music)
- ARTO TUNCBOYACIYAN _ Aile Muhabbeti (Universal)
- ARTO TUNC _ Avci (Imaj)
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ Live At Vrachon (Polydor)
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ The Bodies And The Knives (Polydor)
- OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK _ Tree Of Patience (Alif AR)
- OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK _ Dance Into Eternity (Celestial Harmonies)
- OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK _ Crescent Moon (Celestial Harmonies)
- OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK _ Mystical Garden (Celestial Harmonies)
- OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK _ Whirling (Celestial Harmonies)
- BRIAN KEANE/OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK _ Beyond The Sky (Celestial Harmonies)
- BHAVANI _ (Keytone)
- ONNIK DINKJIAN _ Voice Of Armenians (Krikor Music)
- ONNIK DINKJIAN _ The Many Sides Of Onnik (Krikor Music)

Ara Dinkjian appears as a guest musician on the following recordings:

- SEZEN AKSU _ Deli Veren (Post Muzik)
- SEZEN AKSU _ Gulumse (Coskun Plak)
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ Ekpombi (Broadcast) (Mercury)
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ The Very Best Of 1989-1998 (Mercury)
- BURCU GUNES _ Tilsim (Karizma Muzik)
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ Gifted - Women Of The World (Real World)
- EUGENE RUFFOLO _ When We Were Kings (Continental Song City)
- AMANDA HOMI _ Drumgirls (Drumgirl)
- NANA SINOPOULOS _ Wings And Air (Enja)
- KATERINA PAPADOPOULOU _ Amygdalaki Tsakisa (Music Corner M.C.)
- THOMAS CHAPIN _ Radius (Muworks MUCD)
- BEN ALLISON _ Third Eye (Palmetto)
- LIVING THEATRE _ Act One (Kunduru)
- FAHIR ATAKOGLU _ 2 (Tempa + Foneks)
- AKIN _ (Goksoy)
- PAUL AVGERINOS _ Muse Of The Round Sky (Hearts Of Space)

In addition to the ARA DINKJIAN, NIGHT ARK, ARVANITAKI, and TEKBILEK recordings in section one,
Ara Dinkjian' s compositions appear on the following:

- ANTIQUE _ Dinata Dinata (Bonnier Music, CD single) aka Homecoming
- ANTIQUE _ Opa Opa (Popular) Dinata aka Homecoming
- PHILIP KIRKOROV _ Ogon I Voda (Fire And Water) (ABP) aka Homecoming
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ Spirits Of The World (Helicon)
- NIGHT ARK _ Is That How Loving You Goes?
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ Horizons (BSW) Night Ark, Homecoming
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ Kosmos _ Ta Chromata Tis Mousikis (Chart)
- Night Ark _ Going With Abandon
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ Gifted _ Women Of The World (Real World)
(Eleftheria Arvanitaki) _ Ta Kormia Ke Ta Makheria aka The Bodies & The Knives
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ And The World' s All Yours (Debutante/PolyGram) (Eleftheria Arvanitaki) _ Blow On My Soul aka Slide Dance
- VARIOUS ARTISTS _ Mediterranean Cafe Songs (Nascente)
(Eleftheria Arvanitaki) _ Blow On My Soul aka Slide Dance
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ Dynata 1986-2007 (Mercury)
Meno Ektos aka Picture, Dynata aka Homecoming, I Varka aka Going With Abandon, Ta Kormia Kai Ta Mahairia aka Kef Life, Fysa Psyhi Mou aka Slide Dance
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ Ekpombi (Broadcast) (Mercury)
To Potiri Sou Psila aka That' s The Way The World Is Now
Logia Pou Filaga aka The Mountain Sees Us All
Dinata aka Homecoming, Ta Kormia Ke Ta Macheria aka Bodies And Knives,
Meno Ektos aka Picture, Oud Improvisation
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ I Nihta Katevainei (Polydor)
Dinata Dinata aka Homecoming
- ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI _ Meno Ektos (Polydor)
Meno Ektos aka Picture and Dinata Dinata aka Homecoming
- SEZEN AKSU _ Deli Veren (Post Muzik)
Yine Mi Cicek aka The Invisible Lover and Hos Geldin aka The Long Goodbye
- SEZEN AKSU _ Isik Dogudan Yukselir - (Tempa & Foneks)
Son Sardunyalar aka Common Spirit
- SEZEN AKSU _ Gulumse (Coskun Plak) Vazgectim aka Silent Cue
- SEZEN AKSU _ 88 (Fono Sarisin aka Homecoming
- GULSEN _ Of...Of... (Erol Kose Production) Sarisinim aka Homecoming
- KIBARIYE _ 1 Numara (Baysu 533) Vazgectim aka Silent Cue
- AHMET KAYA _ Sarkilarim Daglara (Raks) Agladikca aka Picture
- MINE KOSAN _ Yesin Onu Ninesi (Goksoy) Agladikca aka Picture
- MINE KOSAN _ Adim Gibi Biliyorum (Tempa + Foneks) Vazgectim aka Silent Cue
- BURCU GUNES _ Tilsim (Karizma Muzik) Zorba Ask aka The Long Goodbye,
Kahve Telvesi aka Anna Tol' Ya, Yar Dedigin aka Slide Dance
Pardon aka Going With Abandon, Gunes Dogacak aka Lullaby For The Sun
- COSKUN SABAH _ Haberin Var Mi? (Emre HE) Ogut aka Picture
- COSKUN SABAH _ Beni Unutma (Emre HE) Gelmez O Gunler aka Offering
- BEDRI AYSELI _ Diyarbekir Kuceleri 2 (A Sanlar Muzik Yapim) Allah' an Kurban aka Picture
- BEDRI AYSELI _ Senin Olsum (Raks) Haberin Olsun aka Fly Away



In Ara Dinkjian’s music, virtuosity goes along with an attitude towards life. It circles around the notions of peace, understanding, and dialogue between nations. It is the soundtrack of a contemporary world that draws from history and tradition the lessons that unite nations and celebrate their common elements, while respecting their differences.
Considered to be one of the best contemporary oud soloists, both in the Oriental and the Occidental world, Ara Dinkjian guides us to a utopia where music soothes our soul. If you ask him, he will say with absolute certainty, “Yes, music can change the world.”
His Armenian heritage has given him a deep knowledge of the unfortunate life experiences one faces during war and forced migration. As a result, when Ara Dinkjian composes his music and plays for peace, it is a sincere desire, not a commercial gimmick.
Ara Dinkjian was born in 1958 in the United States, where he has lived all his life and has created his musical career. When Night Ark – the band through which he expressed his multi-faceted talent, along with the Armenian percussionist virtuoso Arto Tuncboyaciyan – was created in 1985, the term world music had not even been invented yet. Night Ark was a pioneering and deeply influential force in world music, emerging from the New Age scene. They embraced original and unique sounds, blending a convincing mix of Western and Eastern music. Their five albums, “Picture” (1986), “Moments” (1987), “In Wonderland” (1998), “Petals On Your Path” (1999), and “Treasures” (2000) run, without any obstacle, through the road that unites New Age and traditional Armenian/Anatolian sounds with jazz.
Ara Dinkjian’s talent in composing and in playing the oud stood out already from the very first Night Ark recordings. His compositions have subsequently been performed in thirteen different languages, solid proof that Ara Dinkjian’s music naturally bridges the gap created between nations, cultures, and religions. It is an aesthetic passport that needs no visa. Greece’s Eleftheria Arvanitaki, with her songs “Dinata, Dinata” and “Meno Ektos,” and Turkey’s Sezen Aksu, with her songs “Vazgeçtim” and “Sarisinim” are only two of the many artists for whom he has provided major hits. His compositions have also appeared in movies and television soundtracks.
After a period of discographic absence, Ara Dinkjian returned to the recording studio and live performances, this time as a solo artist. His two latest releases were recorded live at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival and established him as one of the most important oud soloists worldwide. “An Armenian in America” (2006) was his first solo album, in which we enjoy his timeless compositions and oud virtuosity, accompanied by two renowned musicians, percussionist Zohar Fresco and pianist Adi Rennert. His second recording, “Peace On Earth” (2008) is a multicultural masterpiece: simple and melodic. The musicians participating in the project were, Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyra), Tamer Pinarbasi (kanun), Rimon Haddad (bass) and Zohar Fresco (percussion).
Since 2009, Ara Dinkjian has returned to the audiences around the world, giving live performances in Israel, U.S.A. Turkey, Romania, Spain, Greece, Canada, and Denmark.
In November of 2010, over a decade after Night Ark had disbanded, the original members of the group reunited, giving a historic performance at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival. Ara Dinkjian continues to selectively choose his live performances and touring around the world.
The tradition of the Orient, the jazz approach of his arrangements, and the great aesthetic achievements of the world music scene during the past 20 years constitute Ara Dinkjian’s musical style. The oud in his skillful hands turns into a powerful instrument that can offer musical knowledge and entertain the senses. But most of all, it sends out a clear message of brotherhood and understanding – conditions needed for coexistence in the complicated multicultural world of the 21st century.