ARAMIS is a four piece band, hailing from Saugus Ma. Let us serve you a smooth groove with a twist of funk, and a dose of distortion. We strive to give you something different, appealing to the ears and eyes alike.


In today’s world of watered down rock and cookie cutter pop, ARAMIS stands out as a band that strives to give you something different. Guitarist Rob Canzano, bassist Wes Meehan, and drummer Pete Walsh came together in late 2006 and formed ARAMIS in their hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts. ARAMIS is an exciting band that delivers a refreshing mix of hard rock, jazz, and funk. In early 2007, ARAMIS came onto the Boston music scene and have since begun to create a buzz around the area. The band have played shows at some of the most popular venues in the Boston area including, The Bulfinch Yacht Club, Copperfields, and The Abbey Lounge, Dodge Street Bar and Grill, and O’Briens Pub. In April of 2008, ARAMIS released their debut E.P “Deep in the Shallows”. “Deep in the Shallows” beautifully showcases the bands’ musical and songwriting talents, with songs like “Calypso”, “Happy”, and “Back Home”. Following the release of "Deep in the Shallows",ARAMIS recruited Paul Senatillaka to take over on lead bass, moving Wes to lead vocals/bass. With the release of their debut E.P., there’s no doubt that ARAMIS will continue to make their mark on the Boston music scene and have a very bright future ahead of them.


ARAMIS DEMO(Recorded March 2, 2007)
- Features instrumentals of: "Neophyte", "The Dank", and "Despernation"...Demo is featured on the ARAMIS myspace page.

"DEEP IN THE SHALLOWS" E.P.(Released April 11, 2008)
-Features the songs "Calypso", "S.W.A.D","Two Lives", "Happy", "Back Home", and "Desperate Nation"