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"First CD For Saugus Band ARAMIS"

By Mike Gaffney

First CD for Saugus band ARAMIS
By Mike Gaffney/
Fri Apr 11, 2008, 10:46 AM EDT

Saugus - For the three Saugus musicians that make up ARAMIS, being in a band is all about laying down some quality tracks and entertaining their fans.

This weekend the members of ARAMIS — guitarist Rob Canzano, bassist Wesley Meehan and drummer Pete Walsh — will fulfill a dream when they release their debut record "Deep in the Shallows" at Dodge Street Bar & Grill in Salem.

The trio came together in the fall of 2006 and clicked right away. Before long they started churning out songs and have been regulars on the local music circuit ever since playing an inaugural show at O'Brien's Pub in January 2007.

In between energy-filled performances that featured a blend of cover songs and original offerings, ARAMIS experimented with new sounds in preparation for their debut album.

The band met with the Advertiser at the Starbucks in their native Saugus recently to discuss the excitement of releasing a debut record. All three performers graduated from Saugus High School, Walsh (1999), Canzano (2002) and Meehan (2005).

Anyone who picks up a copy of "Deep in the Shallows" is in for a treat, said Meehan, the band's talented bassist.

Canzano explained that the record showcases the talents of each of the individual band members – strong guitar solos, funky bass lines and pounding drums. Elements of the bands ARAMIS enjoys are also apparent in the final cuts.

The band counts Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Rage Against the Machine and Pink Floyd as primary influences.

Some songs such as "Calypso" are upbeat and manage to get the audience jumping around, Meehan said, while others like "Happy" offer a mellower sound and catchy beats.

"We're pleased with the CD," Meehan said. "I'd describe it as hard rock with a twist of funk and jazz."

One of the true joys about playing in ARAMIS is how well the band members get along, Walsh said.

As a former participant in a half-dozen other bands, Walsh said he has experienced plenty of discord when it comes to infighting amongst band members.

"I've been in bands where people were toe-to-toe screaming at each other, but we don't have any of that drama," Walsh said. "We actually like each other and hang out when we aren't playing music."

This closeness helps when the band members collaborate on song writing and share the vocal leads on their songs. It also allowed the trio to actually enjoy a marathon session spent at Dunkin' Donuts to name the band.

What could have been a very frustrating endeavor passed smoothly because the band members get along so well, Canzano said. By the way, the band is named after the Aramis of Three Musketeers lore, who lived by the motto "one for all, and all for one."

Free CDs and tatoos
Anyone 21 and over is invited to stop by Dodge Street Bar & Grill, 7 Dodge St., Salem on Friday, April 11at 9:30 p.m. to check out ARAMIS.

Firm believers in the philosophy of distributing their music to as many people as possible rather than making a quick buck, ARAMIS will hand out free copies of "Deep in the Shallows" at the CD release party, though donations will be accepted.

As an added bonus Walsh, an accomplished airbrush tattoo artist, plans to offer his body art services at the show.

Canzano encouraged music lovers to plunk down the $5 cover charge and take in a set of ARAMIS. He stressed the band is fun to watch and brings with it a large group of cool fans who appreciate a night of quality music.

Above all else Meehan said ARAMIS strives to make sure its audiences have a good time, which he argued is all the reason one needs to clear the schedule and head down to Dodge Street Bar & Grill this Friday.

"I can guarantee you a musical adventure that you will remember," Meehan said. "Who doesn't like hanging out at a bar, enjoying some good tunes and drinking a few drinks? It doesn't get much better than that."

- Saugus Advertiser


ARAMIS DEMO(Recorded March 2, 2007)
- Features instrumentals of: "Neophyte", "The Dank", and "Despernation"...Demo is featured on the ARAMIS myspace page.

"DEEP IN THE SHALLOWS" E.P.(Released April 11, 2008)
-Features the songs "Calypso", "S.W.A.D","Two Lives", "Happy", "Back Home", and "Desperate Nation"



In today’s world of watered down rock and cookie cutter pop, ARAMIS stands out as a band that strives to give you something different. Guitarist Rob Canzano, bassist Wes Meehan, and drummer Pete Walsh came together in late 2006 and formed ARAMIS in their hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts. ARAMIS is an exciting band that delivers a refreshing mix of hard rock, jazz, and funk. In early 2007, ARAMIS came onto the Boston music scene and have since begun to create a buzz around the area. The band have played shows at some of the most popular venues in the Boston area including, The Bulfinch Yacht Club, Copperfields, and The Abbey Lounge, Dodge Street Bar and Grill, and O’Briens Pub. In April of 2008, ARAMIS released their debut E.P “Deep in the Shallows”. “Deep in the Shallows” beautifully showcases the bands’ musical and songwriting talents, with songs like “Calypso”, “Happy”, and “Back Home”. Following the release of "Deep in the Shallows",ARAMIS recruited Paul Senatillaka to take over on lead bass, moving Wes to lead vocals/bass. With the release of their debut E.P., there’s no doubt that ARAMIS will continue to make their mark on the Boston music scene and have a very bright future ahead of them.