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Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review for Aranya with YOB"

“Easily the stand-out group of the evening was Portland’s Aranya, a tribal four-piece incorporating punk, psychedelic rock, metal, and copious amounts of ’60s riffing in their set. Like some sort of crusty Jefferson Airplane, Aranya journeyed through very complex layers of fuzzy tone and clean channel leads, at some times including jazzy and percussive breakdowns under the crests of singer Uta Plotkin’s wailing vocals. Imagine Grace Slick singing for a DIY punk version of Mahavishnu Orchestra and you’re getting close. Incorporating subtle political/naturalist undertones throughout, the group’s varied tempo style is reminiscent of ’90s Humboldt County experimental violin punks Saké but manages to hold a unique identity — something not easily attained in the metal world. There’s also a visible and audible Native American influence, embodied by the feathered staff Uta Plotkin brandished on stage, occasionally slamming it to the floor.” -Robert Hanna -


Meditations (2008)
A Violent Birth (2009)
Cutthroat Spiritual (2011)
Farabequah (2012)



Aranya was formed in the summer of 2008 with the intention of assembling a tight-knit clan of men and women who shared the goal of boring deep into the primal forces of the human experience. Live, the band presents this vision through ritual, acrobatic musicianship, and a large feathered staff. Their sonic alchemy was first captured in their debut album, A Violent Birth, released in the fall of 2009.

Aranya’s second album, Cutthroat Spiritual (released July of 2011), is made up of twelve original songs dealing with themes of divine experience, creation myth, magic, ritual, and powerful forces beyond our control. This work delves into primitively philosophical realms. Not tied to any one preexisting musical aesthetic, Cutthroat Spiritual forges new musical territory, fusing elements of Metal, Punk, Progressive, Psychedelic Rock and World Music. Already, they have established a strong presence with tours throughout the western United States and continue to push further into new geographic frontiers.