A.R.A.P aka Rippa

A.R.A.P aka Rippa

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Meaningful, refreshing talented songwriter. I write music for everyone, my genre of choice just happens to be rap/hip hop. Please listen thouroughly and you can agree.


“ A.R.A.P Bio”

A.R.A.P aka Rich Chaber was born to a migrating Brazilian mother and Syrian father in Danbury, Ct. His influences include the likes of Big daddy Kane, Notorious B.i.g and Tupac just to name a few. His 14 years experience in the hip hop genre can be noticed in his music. He is a polished lyricist with over 30 full songs to his credit, written and recorded. He has shared the stage with with such acts as Ying yang twins, d4l, bubba sparks to busta rhymes. Arap was also the solo opening act for Funk master flex. He has headlined venues from Staten Island to Charleston, Wv. Though serving time in the US military has halted his progression to national recording, it has also driven him to the best artist/songwriter in the music business. Motivation that has been felt through his music, and has been acclaimed by several industry insiders at multiple music festivals. A true lyricist with something to say, as well as the experience of noble hip hop veteran, Arap is already tailor made and needs no sculpting or building from labels that do not want to waste their time and money on making an artist. Arap has already done that for him self. His music should be listened to thoroughly, so you can see the true talent and “it” factor that he possesses. A true diamond in the rough, Arap is ready and able to work for your label, either as an artist, songwriter, or both. I encourage all of you talented music insiders to give him a legitimate opportunity, as it will not be a regrettable decision.
Thank you for your time, and allowing me to introduce A.R.A.P to you.

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Contact info: 304-444-5860

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Organized Ryhme 2006, Soldier's Story 2008, More Pain, 2006 Civil War Mixtape,

Set List

7 songs per set, two sets, 45 min a set.