A boundless global celebration of fresh, groovy Middle Eastern Jazz with Arabic, African and Gypsy Balkan influences.


Woodwinds performer / composer Ofer Peled is a leading figure in the Israeli jazz and world music scene.
After playing with Balkan Beat Box and Avi Lebovich orchestra, as well as triple platinum selling artists Shalom Hanoch, Yehudit Ravitz and David D'or,
Ofer founded his own solo project "Ararat", where he melds together Arabic, Gypsy Balkan and African music, side by side with a Jazzy unrestricted approach,
and shows his extraordinary skills on a variety of woodwind instruments.

Ofer started playing the saxophone at the age of 13 and in high school started his professional musical career performing regularly with a jazz ensemble and a saxophone quartet.
In 1998 he began studying in the Jazz department of Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music - an affiliate of Berkley School of Music in Boston.

In 2002 Mr. Peled traveled to India to study Bansuri flute and Indian music with master Pandit Sohan Lal. Upon his return to Israel, Ofer founded the group "Makondo" and released their self-titled debut album in 2005 on Magda Records.
At that time Ofer already based himself as a sought-after reeds player for Jazz, Latin, pop and world music, performing in various concert halls, TV and theater shows, as well as local and international Jazz festivals across Europe and central Asia.

In 2006 Ofer moved to New York to further his international career, where he founded a parallel solo project and performed in venues such as Blue Note and Merkin Concert Hall and collaborated with great musicians such as African Blue Notes and Grammy-award winning trumpet player Frank London ("The Klezmatics" founder and band leader).

Since came back to his homeland in 2008 Ofer continue to compose new music and refine his unique style as it may be heard in his new album "ARARAT" released in 2011.

Ofer is proficient on the following instruments:
- Saxophones (Alto, Tenor, Soprano, Baritone)
- Flute
- Kaval (Bulgarian flute)
- Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute)
- Clarinet


Cape of good hope

Written By: Ravid Kahalani

all you say to me i accept, just be quiet and dance
tou sa ou ka di mwen, an ka prann'y, jous pe la e e pi danse
all you touch is real, just do it like you in a dream
tou sa ou ka touche vwai, jous fe sa kon le ou reve

if you wanna know about life ,just take it as it is
si ou ve sav sa ki lavi, pran tout' biten jan i ye
if you cant see the truth, just look up to the sky
si ou pe pa vwe vérité la, gade sa siel ni

when you have your moment ,just think of someone else
le ou ni on moman pou'w, jous sonje on dot' moun'
when you love someone , just take your life more seriously
le ou eme on moun', jous pran vi'aw pli sewieuzman'

if you feel sad, just know its going to pass
si ou twist', jous panse i ke passe
if you feel happy , make sure you say it all the time
si ou kontan, eh tout' l'e, tout' manye, di'y

look up to the sky
gade siel la
be quiet and dance
pe la e danse
take it as it is
pan tout' biten jan i ye
think of someone else
sonje on dot' moun'
take your life more seriously
pran vi'aw pli sewieuzman
its going to pass
i ke passe
say it all the time
tout' l'e, tout' manye, di'y

Sapari Tama - Traditional Yemenite Jewish song

Written By: Sa'adya Ben Amram

Sapari tama tamima
sapari nagel betima

bat malochim hachochoma
an makomech sapari li

anoto yona sa'adya
li bafalterin aliya

wa'ani toch lev oniya
byefi ota meyli


Original / Solo Recordings

2011 ARARAT - ofer peled's project
2005 Makondo

Recordings as sideman / hired musician

2012 Judith Ravits - sandstorms
2012 Shlomo Gronich
2011 Doron Shefer
2011 Eyal Golan live in Nokia-Hall
2010 Keren peles
2009 Keren ann
2009 Hadorbanim
2009 Eyal Golan live in Cesarea
2009 Mika Sade
2009 Bary Saharov and Rea Mochiach – Eben Gevirol
2008 Yehudit Ravits live in Cesarea
2008 Dudu Fisher - The Singing Kleyzmer
2008 Avi lebovich – Groove Collage
2008 HaGroovatron – The Road Goes On
2007 HaGroovatron
2006 HaDorbanim – Levi
2006 Fourward quartet – Money
2004 Eli Magen – Adam
2003 Zigzag live at the red sea jazz festival
2001 Hot Fur – Don't Touch the Merchandise
2000 Bikini

Set List

Comci comca (by Stu Hacohen)
Kavall (by Ofer Peled)
Kama (by Ofer Peled)
El Yahood (by Ofer Peled)
Cape of good hope (by Ofer Peled)
Nedudim song (by Ofer Peled)
Shab Da'aba (traditional yemenite)
Bulgar (Ofer Peled)
Yedid Nefesh (ancient Andalusian liturgical poem)
Ararat (by Ofer Peled)