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Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Ararur: “Terra”"

Ararur: “Terra”
Sometimes I come across things that I can’t fully explain, but are too good not to share. That’s the case with “Terra,” a beautiful bossa-nova inflicted pop song from Portugal-based band Ararur. The quintet recently released their self-titled debut album, which mixes experimental jazz, traditional bossa-nova, and Portuguese pop music. The group describes themselves in lofty terms (and in English, thankfully):

Throughout the world there are reports of a place where thoughts and memories dissolve into the present moment. In the past, scholars, elders and artists everywhere sought this place to achieve their inspiration. This place can be found in all things, in all beings and each one of us. This is where we come to play together and to show our true self. Please join us in this place we call: Ararur.

And after listening through Ararur, I’m not sure I can disagree. The music is at once strange and familiar, new and old, refreshing and essential. “Terra” is one of the more straightforward songs, but its interesting chord progressions and catchy melody make it irresistible. I’m not sure what she’s singing about other than than “terra” means “earth,” but Ângela Maria Santos’s voice is captivating and pure.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit different today, check out Ararur and get transported to that mysterious place where memories dissolve into the present moment. - Scott Interrante


"Ararur" (2013)



After finishing University degree in Jazz, the guitarist and composer Antnio Miguel Silva, was accepted in the first edition of Musibria's artistic residence in Serpa (Portugal). In the first 7 months of 2013 he worked on is original compositions and saw the recording and release of is first CD supported by european and national fundings.

To record with him, he invited his friends and hold classmates: ngela Maria Santos, singer and songwriter, Joo Capinha on the saxophone, Francisco Brito on the double bass and Joo Rijo on the drums. Together they form the group called Ararur.

In October 2013 they released their first album. The album is full of great melodies and try's to capture some of the energy the group has Live.

Ararur were selected as one of the "Young Creators of 2013" to represent Portugal on the "VI Biennial of Young Artists from the Portuguese Talking Countries" in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil. 

We are now working on a tour for 2014.

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