Arash Khalatbari and Wise Orkestra

Arash Khalatbari and Wise Orkestra

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Arash is an Iranian-born percussionist and a founding member of the trio Ekova. Not a traditional musician in the true sense, he assimilates diverse cultures into his music: Iranian, African, Kurdish, melodies and rhythms subtly mixed with the electronic of his talented companion Wise Washington.


Arash is a versatile and self-taught Iranian artist born in Teheran and based in Paris since 1984. He came at the age of 14 and started his musical work there within the experimental band VOX POPULI (combination of the ethnic and industrial genres, 3 LP's and compilations released from 1984 to 1991).

He then gets involved with musical creation for the Theatre on the subject of World Mythologies and became in 1994 one of the founder members of the trio EKOVA (Labels: Sony / France-Europe, Six Degrees / US). A band that drew a lot of attention at the release of their first album in 1998, for the originality of its musical alchemy between world and electronica.

Throughtout these years he also collaborated as a percussionist on many live and recorded projects in the World Scene of Paris (Kurdish, African, Indian, Jewish and arabic). But his artistic approach also expressed itself in the visual Arts. He becomes an architect and pursues a philosophical research on the theme of "Mystic, Space and Territories".

Today Arash has produced his solo musical project, a synthesis of his diverse experience. Not a traditional musician in the true sense, his essence has assimilated the cultural melange of Paris, such as "La Chapelle", the area where he lives and which can only be discribed as a hot bed of the East infiltrating the West.


VOX POPULI: 3 LPs and compilations

EKOVA: 3 LPs (Sony/Six Degrees)

ARASH KHALATBARI: 1 LP (Iris Music/Harmonia Mundi).
International release 6 June 2010.