ARATTA is a Ukrainian-based rock band, founded by Ukrainian singer/songwriter Olena Karpenko and a Grammy-winning Mexican producer, sound engineer and drummer Ivan Jared in 2010.

The band has a strong rock sound, combined with symphonic instrumentation and both opera and folk voice sound of the leading vocalist.

All tracks were recorded and produced in Mexico city in spring, 2010.

Vocals, lyrics and melodies by Olena Karpenko.

Arrangements, recording, producing and drums by Ivan Jared.

The word "ARATTA" is a historical name of the ancient country, which was located on the territory of the modern Ukraine, Moldova and Romania at the eneolit time (near 5300 - 2500 B.C.). It is more familiar to historians as Trypillia-Cucuten archaeological culture, which was the biggest country of Europe at that time.