Harmony in vocals and dancing beats. The music has roots in 3 cultures: Asian, Middle Eastern and American Pop. Listen to it, feel it, have fun, dance. Playful lyrics and catchy beats will offer unusual intrigue. We demonstrate arrangements in oddly comfortable forms. Do enjoy.


Having been friends in varied California cities, we began writing and recording music in Los Angeles. First choice was my Middle Eastern culture to disrupt any chance at appearing routine in the pop music world. Rachel is a Korean-Native American mix and provides ambient and experimental tones and lyrics. Chaz who has established his own career always rounds out the product for recording and shows. He mixes our beats with his, sustaining his electronic sounds. We agreed to embrace all 3 of our musical forms. Aiming to shape them into presentable and accessble packages, our music is bred for performances, air play and entertainment in any scene.

Set List

The set ranges from 3 to 5 songs. Begin on powerful ebb notes and end on a viscous dance flow. People move at all times to each song. This is the crescendo of the set.