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"Arazi - Glass Makers In - Battle In The Sands Rock And Roll Competition At Jamins Lounge In Flint"

Glass makers are highly trained, skilled, and clearly hard working individuals. Many have years of experience in their craft. They work tirelessly to create, enhance, and develop their abilities. The use of sand and other chemicals, with the inclusion of intense heat, collaborate to give meaning and message of the artist's ideas. It is this practice and competence that produces some of the most brilliant works of glass art witnessed by human eyes.

You may be saying “what does this have to do with Arazi – one of Genesee Counties up and coming rock and roll bands?” If you are asking this question, then it seems clear that you did not attend last years “Battle in the Sands 2006” rock and roll competition at Jamins Lounge in Flint. Arazi’s first appearance and 1st place finish at this competition blew the crowd away as white hot melted glass. The crowd was instantly and hypnotically incinerated by the lyrical meaning and dynamic musical sophistication of this band “Arazi”, which is named after one of the greatest juvenile stallion race horses; small in stature, but big in heart and one of the best two year-old racing horses of modern times. This can clearly characterize the personalities of Arazi’s band members. All very talented, motivated, and when on stage “explosively entertaining.”

Arazi consist of four band members. Tony Cartier as the lyrically and rhythmic guitar talented lead singer, with a unique sound and style that not only melt’s sand, but melts the heart’s and mind’s of all his female fans. Jeremy Riley, easily the most talented guitar player I have ever witnessed. As this modern musical genius played his guitar, jaw’s dropped, and many had thoughts of such talent which could only be associated with someone who may have made a deal with the Devil himself. As I remember, as others could attest, it was as if flames flew directly from the arm of the guitar, and the sound was as seductive as anyone’s wildest dream. Brian Neal, an extraordinarily talented bassist displayed his talents, timing and dynamic abilities to set the stage ablaze. His ability to coordinate, exchange and facilitate the dynamic sound with other members, especially Jeremy Riley was impressive. Last, but not least was Dion Kelly, who made his competitive debut with Arazi one to remember. This fine Irish lad with a quiet disposition displayed skill, talent, accuracy and the rhythmic sound and tone that engulfed Jamin's Lounge. It seemed as if Dion had rubbed mother Ireland’s Blarney Stone and was suddenly transformed into a raging leprechaun, with fire in his eyes and speed for which is rarely witnessed.

Together, these destined rock stars released a flaming musical ora that left a shining glass finish upon the sandy floors of Jamin’s Lounge. The shimmering and glimmering results of their talents and hard work have been forever etched within the shattered minds of a stunned and subconsciously exhausted audience. One song that many spoke of long after the cinders were cold, was “The Light.” It was clear that this song displayed hot, piercing rays of dynamic sound, diversity, and talents Arazi surely possesses. “The Light” is also Arazi’s latest CD recorded and produced in Rochester Hills by Midwest Studios. This compilation of unique and flaming hit’s, such as “Fifty Seven”, “Bluestone”, and “Narcolepsy” are just a few that are guaranteed to satisfy and fulfill, even the strongest craving desires of a full fledged pyromaniac!

So, if you are seeking a night out to really experience rock and roll that is hot enough to melt sand, ignite your seductive urge’s, and leave a permanent sonic imprint, penetrating your repressed emotions deep within the human psyche, go watch Arazi burn down the house! They are currently scheduled to compete at Jamin’s Lounge during the “Battle in the Sands 2007” on August 18th. Tickets are only ten bucks and the drinks have always been a great deal at Jamin’s!

See you there!

L.J.Riley Jr. can be contacted at for more information on ARAZI

Articles on Arazi history and biography: Search for the article titled “ The Real Arazi - Dynamic Foursome; Dynamic Sounds” By L. J. Riley Jr. See Arazi’s web site for CD and clothing purchases at:

- Laverne John Riley Jr. (Ezine Articles)


We released our debut LP titled “The Light” in early 2007. With 9 songs and many of which have had radio play in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, and Lansing.
Our new CD titled "The Agony" is set for release June 2009 is our best work yet which will be available worldwide on I-tunes. Several of the tracks have already hit the airwaves in Detroit.



Since early 2005 we have be playing shows and promoting our vision of modern hard rock to fans all over the state of Michigan. We take ourselves seriously and pride ourselves on our professionalism. This sets us apart from other bands, meaning that while other bands are partying before a show we are rehearsing and working on set lists. We are always working toward the goal of becoming recognized on a national level. We have stepped it up to the next level with our new CD Titled "The Agony", which will be released June 2009.
ARAZI has played with national bands such as Taproot, Flaw, Red, Tantric, Within Temptation, Liftpoint, Bobaflex, Egypt Central, Pop Evil Nailgun Strategy + many others. - - - ARAZI has performed at the following venues: - St. Andrews in Detroit - Blind Pig in Ann Arbor - The Machine Shop in Flint - The Magic Bag in Ferndale - Planet Rock in Battle Creek - Motorheads in Jackson - Emerald Ballroom near Detroit - Headliners in LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - Bullfrogs in Redford - MoDoggie's in Fenton - TNT's in Clinton Township - The Break Room in Grand Rapids - plus MANY MANY other venues.