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SAN VITO TAGL: (PN), Not Applicable, Italy

SAN VITO TAGL: (PN), Not Applicable, Italy

ARBE GARBE @ Sherwood Festival

PADOVA, Not Applicable, Italy

PADOVA, Not Applicable, Italy

ARBE GARBE @ to be announced

LONDON, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

LONDON, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Their style is a point of intersection between punk and folk. A mixture sound contagiously festive, but also rebellious, irreverent, impetuous. This is the music of ArbeGarbe, formation of Udine on scene for 14 years, with their texts in Friulian dialect and Beneciano (Slovene dialect spoken in some valleys of the province of Udine). Their name means bad grass and have published five albums to date, including the last "Bek", full of contamination, from rock to ska, folk, with accordions, tambourines, guitars, percussion and wind instruments. A sound that can remember the Mano Negra: their live performance is irresistible! (M. Le)
- Gruppo Espresso

The ArbeGarbe sing in Friulian language and propose a hybrid folk music and many other punk influences. Have been active since 1994 and this is their fifth disc: five short songs that tend to capture the energy of their live performances without neglecting the quality of sound. It's a decidedly festive music, even if in the folds of the texts (see translations on the site lurking flashes of melancholy. A wonderful demonstration of how the traditions can survive without close in a museum and hybrids without losing its own peculiarities. The disc comes in a nice package with many goats designed by fans of the band in different styles. Deep and modern folk music, a hard well done work!


Gli ArbeGarbe cantano in lingua friulana e propongono una musica folk ibridata con punk e mille altre influenze. Sono attivi già dal 1994 e questo è il loro quinto disco: cinque brevi brani che tendono a catturare l'energia delle loro esibizioni live senza trascurare la qualità del suono.
E' una musica decisamente festiva, anche se nelle pieghe dei testi (traduzioni sul sito si annidano sprazzi di malinconia. Una splendida dimostrazione di come le tradizioni possano sopravvivere senza chiudersi in un museo e ibridarsi senza perdere la propria peculiarità. Il disco si presenta in una simpaticissima confezione con tante capre disegnate negli stili più diversi dai fans della band. Musica folk vivissima e moderna, un disco ben realizzato! - .


1996 - DEMO! - Autoproduced
2000 - JACUME! - UPR Folkrock
2004 - IUBILEAUM - Musiche Furlane Fuarte
2006 - LIVE IN FESTINTENDA - Musiche Furlane Fuarte
2008 - BEK - Musiche Furlane Fuarte

Listen: www.arbegarbe.con



The band grew up in 1994: the first intention was to use the power of traditional music to make people dance and have party: the musicians were all convinced that folk music was becaming too much intellectual and was loosing the contact with people. Their name, “Bad Weeds” in the friulian language, remarks the bondage of the band with its land. They began playing all around (over 400 concerts in 14 years) beginning from pubs and small villages fairs and concluding with big festival in Italy (Folkest, Onde Mediterranee, Etnica, Ariano Folk Festival, Mediterran Festival), Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain) and South America (Argentina and Uruguay).
Almost all the songs are written by the band, the lirycs are both in Friulan, Italian and Slovenian (the three languages spoken in the region). The music is a mix of traditional (violin, mandolin, accordion, flutes, horns) and modern (electric guitar, drums) and is very suitable both for dancing than for listening: the influences come out from every corner of the world but the most characterizing aspect of the band is the mixing of a punkrock attitude with popular roots and lyrics.
In 1998 they won “Premi Friul” (Friulian Festival of new musical trends) with the blues-experimental project “Croz Sclizzaz” togheter with the Friulian poet and singer Fabian Riz. In 2003 the band travelled first in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba and San Juan), then in Serbia (Refract Festival in Belgrade, Pancevo and Kraguievac). In 2004 Arbegarbe won the “Targa Deganutti” for the best album in the Friuli Region with Iubilaeum and in November the band travelled in Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia and Austria. In 2005 they took part at the 1st Festival of Friulian Music in South America: 12 concerts in the main cities of Argentina and Uruguay. In 2006 they won the 1st prize of the Friulian Film Festival and the Trieste Film Festival with the videoclip of the song “Puar Beppin” and travelled in Spain (Bilbao and Vigo) and in Sweden taking part to the Liet Lavlut, the main european festival for songs written in minority languages. In 2007 they opened the summer cultural season of the city of Udine with a live show in Piazza Duomo acclaimed by 3000 enthusiast people and in november they flyied in Australia for a three dates tour that confirmed their ability to warmth every kind of audience in every situation: with Arbe Garbe every concert is a party!
All over these 12 years several apparitions in the national broadcasting (Rai 2 and 3, both Radio and
Television): Caterpillar, Fuorigiri, Follie rotolanti, La Storia Siamo Noi, Nu Roads.