Like the calm in the eye of the storm followed by chaos, Arbiter produces sounds and rhythms like no other band out there. Completely original in their songs and live performances, this band has what it takes to make it big.


Arbiter was forged in the vast voids of the galaxy, coming together after a massive black hole drew them in from their respective musical galaxies. With bassanomitrist Michael Cassidy's influences from the Funk Galaxy, guitariosotrist Joel Campbell hailing from the Experimental Galaxy, and druminomitrist Andrew Spitler of the Rhythm & Whatsits Galaxy, the three combined their powers to create the musical revolution behind the lyrics. After Shwa'Dib of the Wailing Galaxy added his hellish vocals to the mix, there formed a band in which no galaxy could have ordained...

Set List

Manifesto- 4:48
Whiteshaman- 4:55
What it takes to be Irie- 3:52
Surprise, F*ckers!- 4:01
Part of Me (Tool cover)
Waltz of the Ninja- ~5:00