Arbol de Ojos

Arbol de Ojos


Arbol de Ojos:Preferably consumed in excessive doses. Good for the head but harmful to health. Shake before hearing. Keep it colose to your ears. Product made in COLOMBIA.


Arbol de Ojos is a band formed in late 2007 in the city of Bogota. Its members, former band members of the recognized new school punk scene in bands like Poca Ley and Codigo Rojo,decided to embark on a project that would allow them to experiment and create a new sound, without the need to be boxed into any particular genre, this will provide themgreater musical freedom. Thus in 2008 the band is mainly focused on the discovery of the sound of their own, influenced by British rock, punk, swing and rockabilly, managed to meet the musical and creative needs of each of its members.


Como en la TV EP.

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