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"Arbra Hill - Taste Test"

Hooray for the clever little ditty! "Jazz 'n Roll" is what they call their blend of jazz, lounge, pop and soul. It's light and pleasant and not in your face; I call it smooth medicine for the sharp-edged, crazy world around us. The band wanted "something in (our lives) to be competely fun and enjoyable. "Fun and enjoyable" are the three words that best describe this album.
--Stylus Magazine, of Arbra Hill's first CD, "Taste Test" - Stylus Magazine - University of Winnipeg

"Arbra Hill - Taste Test"

Arbra Hill created a sweet little six song rock 'n roll jazz ditty that will probably be comfortable in both a pop and jazz listener's record collection. The dual female vocals of Lisa Saunders and Mariana Canadas are reminiscent of a less punked-out Dance Hall Crashers, where palm-muted guitars have been replaced by perky bass lines...The songs all have a quirky, indie pop attitude that is really charming. The highlight on the album is when guitarist Andrew Morden takes over the vocal duties.
-Exclaim! Magazine, of the band's first CD, "Taste Test" - Exclaim! Magazine - Canada's Music Authority

"Q&A with Arbra Hill"

Who The Hell Are You? Arbra Hill
Wednesday March 07, 2007 @ 06:30 PM
By: Staff

Arbra Hill

It's Wednesday, and that means another installment of Who The Hell Are You?, where we profile indie bands, labels and organizations. This week, we're talking to Arbra Hill. If you'd like to see your musical entity featured in future weeks, write to with the subject heading "Who The Hell Are You?" or something to that effect.

Who are you?
Who the hell are we? Arbra Hill, damn ye!

Where are you from?
From the place the aliens call Samsquinchlund, which roughly translates to "super cold city." Also known as Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Earth.

How did your group start?
Arbra Hill started playing together in 2002 in the basement of chi-chi, frou-frou St. Boniface lingerie shop, the Bra Bar. Since they let us jam there for free, we decided the band name should be a tribute to them. Arbra is a quasi-anagram of Bra Bar. Our commonality is our peculiarities. We're all a bit off, but we get along quite nicely.

Describe your music in 100 words or less.
Unconventional pop. To be more precise: a little bit modern, a little bit retro pop. Think Talk Talk meets Metric, with a mix of electric/acoustic guitars, honey-filled keyboards and a thumping rhythm. We like to rub you down slowly and surely rather than hard and fast. If we were a massage, you'd lie down on a sheepskin and enjoy hands caressing you with just enough pressure to release all your tension. We'll take you to just the brink of hurt, complete with mango body oil. Try that on for size.

How was your recent release recorded?
We decided to venture outside the city to High North Studios near Grand Beach, Manitoba. Along with producer Joe Riccardo, we spent the summer and part of the fall of '06 mining the depths of our souls to refine the 10 songs on our upcoming release, Evolution Of Note. Things we couldn't live without: beautiful skylines and Miss Vickie's Honey & Roasted Garlic chips. Good thing we were all eating them.

How committed are you to making music a full-time career?
Very, but not in the traditional sense. The band is also experimenting with film score work, and bandmates Lisa [Saunders] (vocals/keyboards) and Rob [Wozny] (drums) are also pioneering their own music marketing and promotion company. We're hoping to make Evolution Of Note a success through unconventional marketing, touring and licensing. Wish us luck.

What are your day jobs?
Red Cross worker, engineering technologist, hospital worker and new mommy. Quite the motley crew.

Where can people find your music, either on the web or in stores?
For a quick listen to some of our new tunes, log on to our MySpace page. We're still finalizing distribution for Evolution Of Note, but will likely sell it through CD Baby. Drop us a line at if you'd like to pre-order a copy.

What's something we haven't asked that you'd like our readers to know about your band?
One interesting note about our most recent recording experience: like a week after we left High North Studios, a tornado tore through the area, shearing hundreds of trees, wrecking buildings and killing one Manitoban. Luckily, High North was a mile away from the devastation. And luckily for us, we were back in Winnipeg. - Chart Attack Magazine (Toronto)


Evolution of Note - February 2007!
Taste Test - EP



Unconventional pop is the way to describe Winnipeg pop band Arbra Hill: from the players right down to the songs. “Today, to hear something fresh is rare, but this is a fresh sound,” says veteran radio host Howard Mandshein. Case in point: give a listen to Zachary (see audio), an epic journey of a song that’s part shuffle, part spaceship, and part Napoleon Dynamite. Or Crazy (see audio), with it’s driving beat and Talk Talk-like retro keyboards.

The band’s unique sound prompted Canada’s Exclaim! Magazine to say “the songs all have a quirky indie pop attitude that is really charming,” about the band’s past work, which has been featured on college radio shows like CKUW’s Beer for Breakfast and in newspapers like the Winnipeg Free Press. Whether it’s playing for thousands at the Pride Festival or for dozens at coffee houses, the band always puts on a great show.

Despite their peculiarities, band members Andrew Morden, Lisa Saunders and Rob Wozny have been happily jamming and making beautiful music together since 2002 and have managed to find common ground in piping hot, gooey cinnamon buns, homemade wine and U2. They have also received a nice holiday present, with the recent addition of bass phenomenon, Leigh Fischer. 2007 will see the band releasing its first full-length CD, “Evolution of Note.” Bring on the quirk!