Arcane Dimension

Arcane Dimension


Arcane Dimension is different. Our influences and experiences are vast, which makes for a refreshing and exciting listening experience. So instead of giving you wordy 'labels' or reaching for comparisons, we invite you to sit back, listen, and enjoy.


The Bay Area project Arcane Dimension is the blood, sweat, and tears of vocalist/guitarist Teresa Camp and guitarist/composer Jarek Tatarek. Teresa, born and raised in the Bay Area, dreamed of becoming a singer when she was little, but picked up guitar first because she felt she didn’t have what it took to sing. Though she loved playing her guitar and learned it well, she took up singing a few years later when her confidence grew as a guitarist. She hasn’t shut up since. Jarek, born and raised on the other side of the world in Poland, started playing guitar at about the same age as Teresa, despite much resistance from his mother. He quickly mastered his craft and began playing complicated, technical music at a very young age. Along the way, Jarek has since learned other instruments, and refined himself as a composer and writer.
Jarek and Teresa met in 2001, when Teresa auditioned for a band called Halcyon Days, in which Jarek was playing guitar and composing. Once Teresa was on board, the band was able to finish its first full length album “Winter Stills”, but sadly, broke up shortly after it’s completion. Despite the disappointment, Teresa and Jarek decided to start a new project together, from scratch. The end result is Arcane Dimension, an ambient yet heavy and emotional brand of metal, pulling influences from classic rock, ethnic & gothic music and alternative ideas. The first, self-produced album from Arcane Dimension, titled “In Ecstasy and Sorrow”, is a dynamic and poignant work, with songs touching on everything from the emotional aftermath of growing up in a religious cult (“Questioning Lies” taken from Teresa’s childhood) to the anthem for the many that are losing hope today (‘The Art of Dreaming’).
Arcane Dimension has hit the ground running, and all fans of metal, and many other genre’s, who are in search of something new with more substance, can expect big things from this band.


2005- Full length LP 'In Ecstasy & Sorrow'