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Arcane, the four man hip hop crew operating out of Baltimore City with roots tracing to the hills of Northwest NJ has been stampeding stages across North America for the last 3 years, spreading its infectuous brand of stylized hip hop that draws influence from the Beastie Boys and Outkast.


Arcane is an independent hip-hop group hailing from Northwest, New Jersey made up of three M.C’s, TimmyGrins, Malprak, JB and DJ JE of Baltimore, MD. Arcane has already made their brand in hip-hop. In the three years they have been together they have rocked nearly 200 shows.

Arcane has graced stages throughout North America. They have appeared in national and international magazines and newspapers including Insomniac Magazine, Chronic, Grind-Mode, Fly, Belles in Monica, Hip-Hop Game, The Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore City Paper and The New Jersey Herald to name a few.

Arcane’s two released singles “BiPolar” and “For Fathers that Bothered” have merited high ranks on national independent hip-hop charts. This summer Arcane released their first full-length LP “Groundwork.”


12" Single "BiPoLaR" released November 2003, achieved as high as #9 Insomniac National Chart
12" Single "For Fathers That Bothered" released January 2004, achieved as high as #19 Insomniac National Chart
LP "Groundwork" released July 2004

Set List

Sets can vary from an abbreviated 20 minute set containing snippets from 6 or 7 album cuts complimented by contemporary hip hop blends to a more extended 35-40 minute sets showcasing full album cuts and a deeper catalog of contemporary and old school hip hop blends.