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Wisely opting to shorten their name after encouragement from The Public (i.e. you lot), Arcane’s flashy metal more or less holds its style from their impressive first outing. That last demo could easily have built more profile given its quality, and this release comes much too quickly after it. But boys will be boys, and in their gasping to get more material on the shelves they’ve overlooked the quality a little. There’s been no development from last time round, and if anything they’ve slowed down a notch. But it’s still strong, and powerful material like ‘Needle’ shows a distinct nod to the likes of Control Denied. This comes about largely through their quick and capable use of harmonies. They sound effortless because they probably are, and the band are all more than competent at their tools. These lads know what they’re doing, and their everyman metal will appeal to a great many. They could continue where Scavenger left off if they so choose: but their challenge is to keep it fresh. Because this one treads water ever so slightly, and it’s only because they rushed it.
- (C Tracey)

It's a pity that these Belfast rockers are so damned by their woeful bandname. A snappier title would do them wonders, given the potential shown by this ultra confident and eyebrow raisingly slick melodic riff metal. With a fluency and assertion shown by precious few others emerging with their first demo, these upstarts really are throwing down something of a yardstick. Not for them the mucky productions and uncertain fumblings around a set of scales we've all heard to death - rather, their material is considered, honed, and delivered with a certainty that reflects the amount of time they've clearly put into making it. With an overall sound somewhere between when Soundgarden were still hungry and the more contemporary metallic nods of A Perfect Circle, they add frequent splashes of shimmering clean guitar to the otherwise pulsing rock. It's varied, well put together and brilliantly produced for a band so early on in their career. The vocals however, need work. They're consistently a little flat, and could do with a bit more aggro. And the same could at times be said of the whole troupe, who veer close to the anaesthetized motions of the accomplished session band on several occasions. More often than not though they're on the right side of the line, and in all honesty blow other bands their age cleanly out of the water. It's early in the game yet: so if they can change their ridiculous band name and get going with the promotional push, there's no reason they cant in time be accepted as the brilliant group that this demo indicates they are. - (C Tracey)


"Arcane Suppression" (self-titled)




Arcane's music generates different reactions in almost everyone who hears it.
The most fond comparison drawn was "a cross between Tool and Clutch" to which a friend of the band replied "by who? The master of total opposites?!"

High profile gigs such as the Metal Massacre festival in Belfast's Spring&Airbrake venue (which has featured rock legends such as Ash, UFO, Dragonforce etc.) have proved invaluble as the audience of the band was considerabley widened and many copies of the CD sold. Early comparisons in a review featured on linked the band's songwriting to that of Soundgarden and A Perfect Circle, whereas more recent reviews compared the band to Pearl Jam and Control Denied.

The aspect that we believe sets us apart from other bands is that we are all very proficient on our respective intruments, and that this does not interfere with the craft of our songs.