Music played with passion and intensity, and with the highest degree of musicianship. Instantly listenable, but deep and meaningfull at the same time with an emphasis on professional song craftsmanship. Songs are at the forefront of Arcane's agenda, as can be shown in our music video for "Henbane".


Arcane's music generates different reactions in almost everyone who hears it.
The most fond comparison drawn was "a cross between Tool and Clutch" to which a friend of the band replied "by who? The master of total opposites?!"

High profile gigs such as the Metal Massacre festival in Belfast's Spring&Airbrake venue (which has featured rock legends such as Ash, UFO, Dragonforce etc.) have proved invaluble as the audience of the band was considerabley widened and many copies of the CD sold. Early comparisons in a review featured on linked the band's songwriting to that of Soundgarden and A Perfect Circle, whereas more recent reviews compared the band to Pearl Jam and Control Denied.

The aspect that we believe sets us apart from other bands is that we are all very proficient on our respective intruments, and that this does not interfere with the craft of our songs.


"Arcane Suppression" (self-titled)


Set List

The set list is subject to change at any given live show, but more recently the set has looked like this:
The Struggle*

* no recording available
** cover version, occasionally played