Arcane Saints

Arcane Saints

 Victoria, AUS

"Arcane Saints are one of the most exciting new rock bands to come out of Australia since Silverchair, Electric Mary, Midnight Oil, and INXS. Their latest EP, “In the Shade of The Juniper” continues the Aussie legacy of musically diverse, hard hitting rock and roll."

- Brian McKinny, Senior Editor at Music Insider Magazine (USA)


Arcane Saints is an Australian hard rock band formed by singer/guitarist Michael John.


Born in the United KingdomMichael grew up in New Zealand before moving to MelbourneAustralia in search of a bigger rock music scene. 

After some line up changes Michael “Sheep” Gooding, who  had recently relocated to Melbourne from the outback town of Darwin,
joined the band as lead guitarist.

Den Murray was then recruited on drums. Like Michael and SheepDen had also only recently moved toMelbourne,  having moved from Sydney.

Bassist Rory Wale, who is the only local Melbourne member, then completed the line up.

Arcane Saints set out on a relentless touring schedule of AustraliaCanadaChina and New Zealand, releasing a single which gained the attention of Grammy Award winning producer Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice in Chains, Kiss, Korn.) 

Toby invited them to his home town of Nashville, USA to record their debut album Turning the Tide.

Toby was a close friend of Layne Staley, late singer of Alice in Chains and delighted Michael by allowing him to use the custom made microphone Layne had used for the chart topping Alice in Chains EP “Jar of Flies.”

Peter Keys, pianist from the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, made a guest appearance on the album.

The momentum continued with Arcane Saints receiving rave reviews for their performance at Australia’s prestigiousBig Day Out Festival, headlined by Pearl Jam.

Following a highly successful USA radio campaign, they were invited to join multi platinum selling rockers Trapt for a five week USA tour.

The tour, which included a spot at Gig It Festival, headlined by Sevendust, was a massive success resulting in thousands of new fans for Arcane Saints.

Whilst touring Arcane Saints noticed the audiences really connected with their new songs and decided to hit the studio again.

With highly regarded Aussie producer Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Birds of Tokyo) at the helm, they recorded a new EP entitled "In the Shade of the Juniper". 

"In the Shade of the Juniper" boasts some of the heaviest songs the band has recorded as well as some more pop rock tracks. Arcane Saints consider it to be their best work to date.


Michael John - Vocals/Guitar
Michael "Sheep" Gooding - Lead Guitar
Den Murray- Drums
Rory Wale - Bass



Written By: Michael Palfrey

My head is in a spin, sink or swim, the lights begin to dim
My knuckles turn to white, fight or flight, lying here all night
On a bed of nails, a bed of nails that I made myself
Wait for an act of god, tears of blood fall from above

Hysteria, lightning strikes
You won’t take us alive
Hysteria, battle lines
You won’t take us alive

Becoming something else, raising hell, relieve me of myself
Dead roses wilt away; a locust plague static fills my brain
No one can ever see, hear you scream, you’re sworn to secrecy
Stand at the crossroads; sell my soul, devil you know

If I was king for a day there’s not a thing I would change

Black tar fills my cup; I’ll drink it up, never get enough
Keep you in my mind, a ray of light in dark times

Never Say Die

Written By: Michael John Palfrey

Never Say Die by Michael Palfrey (ARCANE SAINTS)

I'm dancing on the knife edge
Laughing in the face of death
I'll never know fear again, ever

Don't it make you feel alive
Like you never wanna die
We'll have the time of our lives forever

Yeah, we are invincible

Never say die, always survive

Poison skin begins to shed
Renewed, born again
The shackles that we shared are severed

Don't it make you feel alive
Like you never wanna die
We'll have the time of our lives forever

Yeah, we are invincible

Never say die, always survive

Your Ocean

Written By: Michael John (ARCANE SAINTS)

Your Ocean

No more an after thought
Those days are gone
I’ve fallen by the side
For much too long

I’ll ride the wave

I’m waiting for your ocean to take me far away
I’m stepping off the sand and into the waves

I barely know you
And I barely know myself
We used to have all the time in the world
But it’s all run out

Soon we will, be sailing, sailing on


In the Shade of the Juniper (EP 2015)

Turning the Tide (Album 2013)

Never Say Die (Single 2012)

Nervous Breakdown (Single 2011)

Ignite (E/P 2010)

Black Widow Dance (E/P 2008)

Set List

We have around 30 original songs.