Pretty, dark, progressive, catchy, and a bit challenging--


In a subtle and implicit manner, Archaeology presents a landscape decorated in dark optimism; underpinnings of cynicism and suspicion are key components of the record, but they’re delivered in a charming demeanor. The four-piece manage to skillfully blend an equal dose of post-punk and dub-inspired grooves/pockets to concoct an unrivaled sound. Instrumentally, Archaeology exhibit a fondness for texture; it almost sounds as if the four are each in their own bubble, but the combination of rhythms and tones are well conceived as thoughts of pleasantness and complacency are merged with those of secrecy and skepticism. Taylor Cabal (drums) and Peter Tsoukas (guitar, vibes) create a tasteful array of traffic with their instruments, as bassist Brad Smith and Nicholas Mirzabegian (guitar, vibes) season the ever evolving post-rock compositions with a distinct pair of melodic voices.


Chant Chant Camp-LP (2006)- Yes. Some college radio / stream the entire record at

Slow and Gifted-EP (2003) - N/A

Set List

Typically most of our last record and some newer songs. Approx 45 min set.