An intricatley woven layer of rock and roll guitars knit together and supported by tight and seamless bass and drums lightly frosted with unique and addictive vocals.


With only six days to get fans out to our my-space to hear two self recorded tracks and have them commit to coming to our first show, might we add, at 10:30 pm on a Thursday night at the 400 Bar on the West Bank in Minneapolis – we were able to attract over 60 people, ages ranging from 18 to 60. Everyone enjoyed the music.

Perhaps this is the one quality of our music that sets us apart from so many other bands. We cannot be put into a box and labeled, at the same time; we are not claiming, or trying to do anything super innovative. We are writing music that we enjoy playing, and that a wide variety of people can enjoy, regardless of their age, background, and influences. One thing that gives us the ability to do this is the diverse background of each of the members in Archaica. Our ages range from 21 to mid thirties. Musical influences range from 17th century classical, 60’s jazz, 90’s grunge, and 21st century hip hop.

At the end of the day, most people at that first show described our sound as tightly knit, well thought out, pure rock and roll. I think that we would agree.


Tracks at

Set List

Typical set list is roughly ten songs, a one hour set. One cover may be thrown in depending on the mood of the night (Wonder Years Theme Song).

A partial list of songs are:
I Loved You the First Time I Saw You
Live Your Life
The Sound of Rock
The Sound of Rock Movement II