“Heavy tribal rock with a percussive, dance sensibility, guaranteed to move you”


“There is this place, where every feeling becomes a reality”

Welcome to Archaic.

Archaic is where the ceaseless exploration of humanity, consciousness, emotion and feeling come framed by an intricate flow of rhythm, harmony, grind and melody. Described as a complex mix of “fragile moments approaching whispers, and roaring onslaughts of driving, gut-churning rhythms”, Archaic fuses the traditional with the technological to provide a unique performance experience.

An endless restlessness for the exploration of new musical frontiers has led the band to consistently grind away itself, to become a lone seeker of it’s form of expression, and to attempt to create something unique. The most apt description reads something like “heavy tribal rock with a percussive, dance sensibility – guaranteed to move you”.

2008 has seen Archaic invited to perform with some of Australia’s largest and fastest-rising acts, including Cog, Dead Letter Circus, Many Machines on Nine, Sleep Parade, Sydonia and more. In September 2007 they were voted ‘most popular’ band of the Heavenly Noise Alternative Music series, as based on physical and internet votes across several months, and in 2008 were nominated for band of the year, alongside acts such as MM9, Rook and Sydonia.

With the seedlings of their second EP germinating, Archaic smiles at the future…


2006 - Self-titled
2008 - 'The Concussion'

Set List

Typical set length of between 30 - 40 minutes, for this you get drumming, dancing, djembes, clap sticks, audience participation, quiet moments approaching whispers, and driving sections of progressive rock melded with heavy dance.

Set includes:
- Intro
- To Enact by Choice (available on
- Bed of Truth, Blanket of Lies
- Seven
- Eola
- The Concussion (available on