We're a Progressive rock jam band from Midland, MI and we strive for variety in a world full of monotony. Our influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Coheed and Cambria and we are not afraid to be different. Thank you for considering us!


Well, what can a band say about itself before sounding pompus? We have a hard time coming up with a classification for the kind of music that we make... but what it's called isn't important. It's what it sounds like that's important, right? Right. So, listen to our songs at , be our friend, send us comments and messages with feedback.
We'll play any show as long as we have notice at least a month in advance and as long as we get enough money for gas to get there and back, hey that's fine with us.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy our music!

Email us at OR for booking or anything else


We have a cd coming out in April of 2010 called "Towers". for more info, go to

Set List

We have a myriad of originals to choose from and we can fill just about any set time. we tend to shy away from covers.