We're a New Jersey based original Rock Band, with powerful music, intricate melodies, and the drive to go the distance. Check out our web site for current tour dates.


Spearheaded by singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Stan Jankowski, Archangels represent the highest level of musicianship, vocal prowess, songwriting, and dynamic performance. Comprised of New Jersey's top musicians, the band has recorded "The Apprentice", a compelling CD of melodic rock that has quickly established this act as a force to be reckoned with.
Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist, Jankowski, chose the Tri-State areas top players to bring his songs to the highest level of intensity, both musically and performance-wise. Besides Stan, the band brings together the talents of Billy Jobes ( Bass, Vocals ), Rick DeSarno ( Guitar ), and Mike Molinari ( Drums, Keyboards ).
Stan is renowned for his intricate guitar work and his distinctive vocals. As a songwriter, Stan showcases the band's scope and speaks to the diversity of their audience. He has toured both nationally and internationally, bringing his showmanship to audiences in the U.S. and Europe.
Billy is well known for several New Jersey Southern Rock Bands, and is a rock solid bass guitarist. His talents create a bottom end that blends to create dense, complex melodies that highlight the content, and tell the musical stories on the CD.
Anyone familiar with the booming Asbury Park New Jersey scene, will know the name of Rick DeSarno. From the days of the infamous Upstage Culb, to the smokey nights of rock at The Stone Pony, Rick is the most dynamic and emmotive guitarist the East has to offer. Along with Stan on guitar, the two weave dense riffs and huge hooks, and the best part: blinding soloing, that take the recorded versions of their tunes to a higher intensity.
Completing the foursome is New Jersey Drummer, Mike Molinari, who also adds keyboard textures to several songs during live performances. Mike has performed with several area bands, and also has toured in Germany. Mike is a hard hitting machine, and is just the power needed to embellish the intricacies of the intelligent arrangement, and melodic range of Archangels songs.
Archangels recently performed at The Starland Ballroom to a near capacity crowd.
For immediate info and booking, contact 732-822-4235 ( Billy )


"The Apprentice"

Set List

Fall In Me
Heartbreak Night
Almost Is
She Don't Know Anything
Growing Up
Summer Of Love
The Voice

Several other originals in our show and also a few cover tunes in the classic rock style.