Arch Enemies

Arch Enemies



We came together in late 2005, all seeking the same goal of dull, mind bending routine. Attempting to hone our skills we retired to a drab little room bi-weekly; arriving at exactly the stroke of five, pretending to give everything to the music, taking two five minute cigarette breaks and leaving no later than ten. Despite our best efforts the tunes turned out to be totally mega wizard ace. Disappointment followed as we played our first gigs in Galway and Dundalk. People insisted upon clapping after *every* song. Upon leaving the stage someone would shake one of our hands and say "Good set!". It made for a bleak atmosphere at post-gig team meetings. So it was decided to continue. We returned to Dublin, dejected, and continued being the tops. Shuffling into the studio with heads buried into our chests, biting back tears and recording three lovely songs it became apparent: we are ace. Seriously, we're top drawer.


Releasing 6 track EP in October.

Set List

01 - Skyscraper
02 - INLA
03 - Gold
04 - Step Up
05 - Marie Leaves it Spotless (and so should you)
06 - Figure of Eight
07 - Renegades
08 - Anna OK