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My name is AJ McKinley and this page will link you to any musical projects I am affiliated with be it bands, solo work, collaborations with various musical collectives and/or commisioned works (ballets, films, plays, incidental music, jingles, etc.).

A Brief Background: I am a multi-instrumentalist, with my primary focus being plucked string instruments (electric/acoustic guitars, bass, banjo, etc.), keyboards (piano, organ, synth, etc.), vocals and effects/noise/sound processing. I just recently graduated with a bachelors degree in music from UCSC, where I studied with David Cope, William Winant and Peter Elsea. I currently reside in the greater San Fransisco Bay Area and would love to collaborate with ANYONE interested in some kind of challenging and forward thinking music projects.



When We're Trying To Be Quiet

Written By: Sofia Bell

They really feel the air here
She said, “look at your hands”
She said, “read me the lines”

Symmetry drips away in here
She said sagging to the floor
She said lipping wilted vines

He made a nest of my throat here
She said quivering in her cheeks
She said choking on his whispers

My forehead went blind here
She said eating from her toes
She said shouting with fingers

Sunday walks on stilts here
She said bleeding splinters from her breasts
She said nailing crosses to the doors

I think I’m going to die here
She said carving out her eyebrows
She said lifting up the floorboards

Our fathers hush my name here
She said, stuttering in quietness
She said unburdening her tenderness


The tentitively titled "Platypus Rex EP" by the collective known as BATTLEHOOCH (formally "The New Rectangle/The Sex") is due out in early 2007! For a preview of the album check out "When We're Trying To Be Quiet" (featuring lyrics by brilliant poet Sofia Bell) and "Looks You Can't See" in the Audio section of this page.

Check back here for further updates and information.

Set List

1.) When We're Trying To Be Quiet
2.) Boog Woogily
3.) Type One Error
4.) Different (but not in a good way)
5.) Looks You Can't See
6.) The Bahs
7.) Belly of a Tree
8.) The Special Place
9.) Mata Hari
10.) Ms. Lonleyhearts
11.) Widowswalk
12.) Tryptic in C minor
13.) Crispus Atticus Restaurant Massacre
14.) Grace of Lace
15.) Glam Clam
16.) Fever Dream
17.) Parenthesis
18.) Family Pie

and much more.