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Archer @ Hilton Hotel - Pulse Club

Anaheim, California, USA

Anaheim, California, USA

Archer @ December Child Benefit

Felton, California, USA

Felton, California, USA

Archer @ Coaster's Lounge @ Surf Bowl

Santa Cruz, California, USA

Santa Cruz, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



July 22-23, 3007

Hey you guys out there!
I have to tell you that Archer did great at the BYH!!! festival this summer. The three-piece did a superb job and acted very professional on the big stage. Their playing and acting was really intense and they threw some energetic Rock And Roll arrows into the screaming audience. Still we are very proud to have them invited to do the show. For sure this is one of THE newcomers in the rock circus of the 21st century. All of us are quite sure that one will hear a lot more about this band in the near future. Also we promise, that this wasn't the last time, that we've invited them to one of the forthcoming festivals in the near future to kick our asses again.

Horst E. Franz
(promoter Bang Your Head!!! festival/Germany)

April 2007

Archer was voted a SILVER award as Santa Cruz County’s favorite “Local Rock Act.” Congratulations Archer!

June 22-23, 2007

Archer has been invited to play the infamous “Bang Your Head!!!” festival in Balingen, Germany. Also appearing will be Heaven & Hell (Dio, Iommi, Butler, Appice), Hammerfall, Nazareth and more!

March 2007

Archer was voted a winner in this on-line contest open to all bands. Congratulations Archer!

December 2006

Archer Doom$day Profit$
"It has been a distinct pleasure for me to watch the progression of this young rock trio over the last few years. Their latest album, Doomsday Profits, showcases the maturity they've gained and the talent they were born with, highlighted with strong vocals and a driving bassl ine that helps to remind you that you're a warm-blooded creature. Archer is one of the bands at the forefront of the resurgence of 80's style rock with the benefit of a young perspective and voice. Whether you enjoy a salutary rock ballad (song 4: Sanctuary, or song 7: Disdained Delight) or a driving, inspired, headbanging style of rock (song 5: Van Salem, or song 6: Brewtality, just for example) Doomsday Profits has these attributes and more. And don't forget the shreddin' guitar solos (every song bitch!) Power trios never die, they just amplify." Mike Garing

“These guys are the real deal… It’s a full on rock show. If you want to see what a real rock show looks like, check out Archer before they are signed! It won’t be long and these guys will be on their way. A trio of talent that will rock your world!”

Kenny Allen, Program Director
KHIP-FM (104.3 the Hippo)
Monterey, CA

“Archer is the real deal. Three hard rockin, energetic musicians who deliver first-class original music with an entertaining visual show. Heads above the Santa Cruz rock bands of recent years.”

Toby Gray
Musician & Audio Engineer
It's A Beautiful Day

The Classic Band of the Sixties Embraced by San Francisco and the Love Generation, The Legendary First Album from 1969 featuring White Bird. One of the Original San Francisco Groups, like Jefferson Airplane who changed the way we listen to music forever.

“If someone had a gun to our heads and said the only way we could live was to stop listening to Archer well we wouldn’t wanna live, but that’s never gonna happen.”

Archer Fans
Nick & Megan
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

“Archer took aim at a large fan base that was there for them. And they hit a bulls eye both visually and musically – song after song. Their set was a well-balanced tight rope act that delivered equal parts showmanship and hard rocking musicianship.”

Your Music Magazine
Santa Cruz, CA
- Archer Nation


Archer EP - Archer (2004 - 4 songs)
Archer - Doom$day Profit$ (2006 - 11 songs)
Air-Play on The Hippo - KHIP-FM 104.3 Monterey, CA
Streaming Audio at, and iTunes



ARCHER is not just another power trio. Dylan 21 (Guitar and vocals), Isaiah 22 (Bass and vocals) and Duke T McB 21 (Drums) are an intense hard rock and metal band whose music reaches far beyond its years. Archer brings forward a new, hypnotic, and unmistakable blend of songs that leave even shy audiences chanting like a third world mob.

ARCHER prides itself on songwriting, musicianship, and stage performance. The songs are a powerful blend of thundering rhythms, led by Dylan’s blistering guitar work and memorable lyrics. Lighting the way for a new movement that honors the past, and paves the way to the future, ARCHER stands alone as innovators- holding the torch of modern Rock and Metal.

Dylan carries his guitar and vocal duties with a passion. His musings across the fretboard confound and entertain, as he cites important influences such as Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, and Zakk Wylde. His passionate singing lets the audience know just how much the music matters to him; it is truly a wonder to see him weave his talented playing and singing into a singular act. Whether he's on or off the stage, Dylan is always going big.

Isaiah is the bass player of the new millennium. With no formal training and no reservations, he simply plays with his heart and soul, which makes for a formidable cornerstone in any genre of music. Influences such as Cliff Burton (Metallica), Rex Brown (Pantera), and Fat Mike (NOFX) let the world know Isaiah's credible repertoire. As part of Archer, Isaiah knows his role in keeping the energy going onstage while maintaining a musical balance for the group. He's crazy and random, yet deep and intuitive. He'll buy you a drink and ask for nothing in return but if you give him an inch, he'll take a mile. Watch out for this four-stringin' firestorm in the years to come.

Duke T McB; the one, the only, the rock'n'roll royalty. From playing 'Wipeout' with spoons to his dreams of playing upside down over a ring of fire, he is a force to be reckoned with. Duke is the hottest drummer Santa Cruz has to offer, and he'll let you know it! His biggest influences have always been the likes of Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Phil Collins, although he has finally come to terms with his superiority. Whether he's behind the drum kit or lifting more weight than you, Duke is always willing to remind everyone how much better he is. No one even compares in quality to this exceptional human being, as his chops and biceps can only be eclipsed by his own ego. The bottom line is simply this - don't mess with the best!

A composite of raw energy, technical perfection and subliminal undertones of pure intensity, ARCHER is a combination of past and present styles brought to life in a stage show seething with an energy that brings crowds to a frenzy with fists in the air. Finally... a REAL ROCK BAND and it’s name is ARCHER!