Portland, Oregon, USA

complex and catchy. Like television meets pavement meets the velvet underground with a new face and direction.


mike and chris cantino grew up in the 90's in southern california. they spent their teen years playing out the local scene and planning their escape. cc moved to portland, OR in 2007 and mc followed a year later. cc looped around town with jason gray as saudade while mc got around under his solo alias, orange jam. mc serendipitously met and enlisted thee brian yoder (bass) who had been playing with the golden hours. phoenician anthony frey laid claim to the drumkit in december 2009 and the twin AC-15's were set to destroy. archers was born. and then griff joined.


Brussels Truffles was on KNRK 94.7 (portland) in March (probably more since). our debut ep is streaming on a lot of blogs right now. links here

Set List

We've been playing a 35 minute set lately which includes: Brussels Truffles, Heroine Blues, Door to All Marvels, Drop Out, Everything All At Once, Radical Opinion, Tough, Jackson, and a cover: Pavement- Cut your hair (or) Silence kit , Television- Venus, a number of motown songs like the Miracles- tears of a clown or Temptations- Get Ready