Archery For The Blind

Archery For The Blind


Indie/ Alternative/ Rock: Please refer to our Bio.


Archery For The Blind came to fruition, late in summer of 2007, comprised of members John Cowart Vocals, Simeon Cowart, Rythm Guitar, Brian York, Lead Guitar and keyboard, Mike Gross, Bass, and Jeremy York on drums. When listening to the music of Archery For The Blind, one can hear three generations of Alt Rock influences stemming from 80's post punk heroes Joy Division and Modern English to mid nineties melodic sounds of Hum and Dinosaur Jr. to current bands like The Editors and Muse! The singer, John's brooding deep voice, adds to the mystique behind what the lyrics may convey to one's own pysche! Upon finishing new songs, Archery For The Blind is back gigging in Southern California! Members of AFTB and Mike Gross play Gibson, Marshal, Rickenbacker, Ampeg and Tama Drums!



Foward Motion: 10 song demo 2009

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1) Perils Of Pauline
2) Canopy
3) My Lover Alone
4) The Whites Of My Eyes
5) 40,000 Gigabytes
6) Sweet Tea(for a bitter grudge)