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"New Pioneer Amphitheater Opens to Sold-Out House"

Archie Ulm, a consummate, world renowned professional musician stunned the audience with innovative renditions of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Claude Debussey's Claire de Lune, music from Space Odyssey 2001, Star Wars, Dueling Banjos, and many others. Archie, nationally recognized as one of the top keyboard artists. "I was totally impressed" said Lynne Stalmaster Nobles, wife of the late movie producer.

Indeed this was "one enchanted evening" destined to awaken the positive sense of higher purpose and tranquility within each of us; It will resonate within me for years to come. Encore! Encore! - Mary Francis & Lynne Stalmaster Nobles

"Futuristic One Man Band"

If there is such a thing as a one-man-band, Archie Ulm is it. With his Yamaha EX-1 polyphonic synthesizer, Ulm can play anything from Tschaikovsky to a Boeing 747 on take-off. And he does. Ulm, currently appearing at the Blazing Saddle Saloon at the Ramada Inn, has been performing since he was nine years old, mostly in the midwest. His first performance was at the Milwaukee Elks Club, playing a pipe organ for the mayor of Milwaukee.

In 1973 and 1975, Ulm participated in a nationwide music festival, sponsored by Yamaha. Judges at the festival included names like Chuck Mangione, Marvin Hamlisch, Percy Faith and Maureen McGovern. Ulm was among the six finalist in the contest.

Ulm came by his sleek new music maker as a result of those contests. Yamaha made the EX-1 available to Ulm to give it some exposure, he said. The EX-1 is used by many movie studios for special sound effects such as those in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

Ulm is not only a musician, but a solid performer. His fast moving feet and fingers are real crowd pleasers on songs like Dueling Banjos and he can really set your feet to tapping to those mellow rock tunes.

Archie and his magical music machine - a little different - a real one-man band. - Marilyn Maxwell - Fort Collins Review

"Live Music"

Archie Ulm: Award-winning keyboardist Archie Ulm does some pretty impressive stuff as a one-man-orchestra. With a full rig of synthesizers and an active imagination, Ulm plays a music that ranges from modern synth dance rhythms to familiar pop melodies.

Ulm makes the keyboards shift and change as he explores rock, jazz, swing and Latin music styles. At times, they sound like a rich, full organ and at other times they sound like a funky calliope. Adding parts that sound like strings and horns, as well as drums and bass guitar, Ulm covers all the bases required to make his music sound just like a band is playing, all with his own flair and sense of musical spice. - Tim Van Schmidt

"Milwaukee at Night"

It's only proper to mention Archie Ulm again. He's the musician in the Red Baron Room of the Steak Knife at 6401 S. 13th Street.

Ulm has a huge Yamaha synthesizer with an assortment of devices to provide some of the finest sounds possible. He's also one of the youngest professionals in the country to finish among the top 10 in national competition.

He plays it all, including a fantastic approach to Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra," the work that became the famous theme for the film "2001-A Space Odyssey." - Alex Thien


From his home, "Milwaukee the beer capital," to "Colorado the Ski Capital" by way of the finest night spots the country has to offer, Archie Ulm has musically spellbound his audiences.

From Archie Ulm's begining as a major hotel chain entertainer at the Chicago Hilton, to his current status as a very successful recording artist, he has been judged as one of the top six in his field by such greats as Chuck Mangionne, Percy Faith, Nelson Riddle, Steve Allen, Sarah Vaughn and Marvin Hamlisch.

If you've seen "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", with its beautiful but unreal sound track, you've heard but a sample of the musical potential of Archie's EX-1. A three keyboard polyphonic sound synthesizer that can range under the musical of Archie Ulm from full orchestra to intimate combo, playing pop, rock or dance music.

On club dates Archie keeps packing them in and to quote a recent club patron, "If you ain't heard Archie, you ain't heard it at all!" - Elaine Widmer-Smith


CDs - "Time Traveler"; "Time to Play Pretend";
LPs - "Archie"; "Archie Ulm Experience";



Our music attracts a broad spectrum of listeners. Our original compositions have been requested by HBO and Majestic Films for movie sound tracks. We have masterfully recomposed some of the greatest instrumentals -- past to present , from classical to jazz. The difficulty, dynamics, and artistry of our performances are unsurpassed by other artists. Our dynamic versatility is evidenced by arrangements and performances that include Bach, Tommy Dorsey, to present-day jazz and pop-rock. Being bi-lingual in English/Spanish, Archie and Leticia easily communicate with a larger spectrum of audience.

Native to Milwaukee, Archie was chosen, 3 times, as 1 of the top 6 keyboardists in the USA by Dick Clark, Marvin Hamlisch, Chuck Mangione, Sarah Vaughn, Steve Allen, Elmer Bernstein, and Henry Mancini, in International Yamaha competition.

Leticia Rojas is a self taught guitarist, playing guitar since the age of 13, and Conga's since the age of 21. She has acquired musical influences from various Motown artists, as well as Gloria Estefan, Selena and Shania Twain. Armed with a sultry voice, she is a brilliant singer-song writer with massive audience appeal.

This talented duo will leave their audiences begging for more, asking "How did they do that?"