The Architects are the best 45 minutes in rock and roll.



Brandon Phillips – vocals/ guitar
Zack Phillips – bass
Adam Phillips – drums
Mike Alexander – guitar

It’s rumored that Architects, with an average age of twentysomething, have the combined experience of more than four decades of living the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. In a world of manufactured rap rock and glossy teen pop, they have emerged from their van fully formed, ready to give audiences nothing less than the essence of rock ‘n roll, sans clichés. f

These modern-day musical heroes take the stage with a singular mission: to deliver salvation in the form of pure garage rock with the intensity of punk and the joy and release of 60s-era soul. On their first record, Keys To The Building, Architects capture a raw hard-edged groove that lacks nothing except the sweat and heat of their live show.

From the hard-hitting onslaught of the first track, “Heat Shield,” Keys to the Building vibrates with the talents of the foursome that make up the band. Wound tighter than a gambler on a hot streak, brothers Brandon, Zack and Adam Phillips hold forth on vocals/ guitar, bass and drums, respectively. Zack and Adam drive a roadhouse beat that’s a force to be reckoned with, perfectly matched by Brandon’s whiskey and cigarette soaked wail. Completing the guitar assault is Mike Alexander, whose gritty lines add another layer to an already formidable wall of sound.

Keys to the Building packs a blues-tinged wallop that ranges from revolutionary-style declarations of love in “Black Guitar Kalashnikov,” the simmering swagger of “Walkin Talkin Jesus,” to the rock ‘n roll working man testimonial on “Shine.” By the time the gospel choir sings on “Day of My Relief,” the listener has already found redemption in Architects’ power chord glory.

The myth-like beginning of this contemporary reincarnation of rock ‘n soul took place in the early 90s in a basement in the Kansas City suburb of Leawood. There, the three young Phillips brothers, pre-teens all, started their musical education. The threesome became The Gadjits and the punk-ska circuit served as their high school. The prolific kids released four albums, continuing their study of bands like The Who, AC/DC, The Stones, The Dwarves, The Standells and The Sonics, earning extra credit for life on the road with the likes of Rancid and the Warped Tour. With this rich history as source material and the addition of Alexander (formerly of The Revolvers), the band began aiming for a sound that was as true to their instincts as their patron saints of rock ‘n roll were to their own spirits.

In their final transformation as Architects, we hear a band willing to summon all the passion, intensity, and earnestness required to make the audience feel; to open a vein for them if necessary. By tapping into the ongoing creative power of rock ‘n roll, Architects are designing their own destiny.

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"keys to the building" LP out on Anodyne records. Produced by john seymor
College and Spec. playing "Heat shield" and "Sixty Eight Gold". Streams on:,,,

Set List

Last night's set list:
Bury my heart in lebanon, MO.
black guitar kalashnikov
the badge
sixty eight gold
damn sight better
that's what they tell me
heat shield
body armour
brave new girl
action addiction

knowledge-operation ivy
boys are back in town-thin lizzy
sin city-ac/dc
suspect device-stiff little fingers