Chicago, Illinois, USA

Architecture aims to tap into the human spirit. We want to evoke those moments when you are dancing on your living room floor to pop music or meditating on the most bittersweet experiences in life. Every decision in every song is intentional and an integral part of who are as people and as a band.


Architecture began modestly one evening with a bottle of wine, two keyboards, and a guitar in a tiny sunroom in Chicago. Over the next few months the duo experimented with samples, a variety of instruments, and unorthodox recording methods until they finally arrived at their own brand of unique music.

Almost a year later, Melissa Harris and Rebecca Scott have completed their first album, When We Were Young—a dreamy blend of organic and electronic elements, fused with dark pop and nostalgia.The girls are deeply inspired by their overlapping affinity for certain sounds and emotions, and by the connection that they seek to make with their listeners.

Since finishing the album, the two have become three, adding Erin Dorr on bass and live percussion.


We self-released one EP - "When We Were Young" on April 9th, 2011.
"I'm With You", "In The Morning" and "Tomorrow" are being played in rotation on Chirp Radio (Chicago Independent Radio Project -
We were featured on Amazing Radio and Amazing Beats in the United Kingdom.
We were featured on the Chicago Mixtape three times.
Three songs are on Last.Fm. They were uploaded by another user.
-The entire EP is streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify.
-The limited edition vinyl is available through Bandcamp.
-The EP is available for purchase through Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

Set List

The Chant
In The Morning
Different City (modest mouse cover)
Paper to Ashes
I'm With You
Empty Bones
Find You (new song)

Pregnant (r. kelly cover)