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ArchRyval is the cure for the listener looking for music with substance-- something that tends to be non-existent in today's music world.


Very seldom does a group come along that incorporates a true form of expression in the realm of Hip Hop, expanding their subject matter beyond the zones of materialistic jargon, and touching the listener with the graces of musical substance. ArchRyval gives birth to a melodic organism that not only embraces but essentially holds you captive with one weapon: GOOD MUSIC. FLAVE & SHLEP possess the lyrical prowess and creative tenacity to attack a topic and propel it to the highest elevation, using their talents to relate to any and everyone. They focus intense energy into their work and the results are immediately evident when you press play... Comparisons are non-existent.

ArchRyval met in August 1993, recording their first song “PSYCHO" at Blue Moon Studios in Tallahassee, Fla., after which they made the decision to officially become a group. The next few years consisted of writing, recording, and performing around the local area, and in May 1998 the duo moved to Tokyo, Japan. They released their underground disc “Real ‘Til I Die” on Schooler Records in May 1999, the result of making some invaluable connections on the Japanese music scene. Along with this accomplishment, FLAVE was the featured artist on three singles by Avex Trax major recording artist Elisha La’Verne (“I Don’t Mind”, “You Are the One”, & “Change Your Way"). SHLEP featured with BMG Japan major recording artist Showlee on her single “Faith” and recorded video game songs for KONAMI and keyboard demo songs for YAMAHA. ArchRyval also performed at several venues throughout Tokyo, the two most notable being Club Fire in Yokohama and having the honor of being booked at Don Cornelius’ SOULTRAIN CAFE for the month of March 2000. The duo moved to Las Vegas, Nevada for a brief period but eventually returned to their native Pensacola, Florida, in May 2001. The group created their own imprint, Undaground Sector Entertainment, LLC, in January 2002, adhering to the age-old adage that the recording industry is 90% business and 10% talent. To date they have amassed a catalog of over 200 songs and are currently gearing up for the album “Southern Hostility”, their first U.S. release.
This composition represents the limitless boundaries that music possesses as ArchRyval enlists talent such as Steven Stewart from Helsinki, Finland on “The Wolves”, the sultry vocals and production by Yarbrough and Peoples on the sampled classic, “Rock U”, as well as fellow U.S.E. artists Izgod, ShawnRoc, and John Dough. ArchRyval was recently added to the CMJ On Air Sampler, a compilation disc that was given to an estimated 10,000 people attending the CMJ Music Marathon October 13th-16th and distributed in issue #850 of CMJ New Music Monthly.

The duo is from the Dirty South, but their journeys are reflected in their music. “It’s all about the music and who you touch with it”, says SHLEP,” and good music lasts forever!!!” FLAVE adds, “Our musical style mirrors the places we’ve been and what we‘ve seen, not just representing our region but for Hip Hop and the music world in its entirety. This is what we stand for.”. One might say that ArchRyval is a synonym for excellence. They continue to polish their style, stay grounded, and well-rounded in order to tackle any challenge this industry may dish out. Their undying passion for music radiates with every chord, every drum kick, and every verse, and is obvious when you’re in their presence.


1999- Real Til I Die, Megaforce/Schooler Records, Tokyo, Japan

2005- Southern Hostility, Undaground Sector Entertainment, Florida, USA

Set List

5, 10, 15 minutes or more depending on time alloted and the venue

Songs performed- First single "Rock You", Second single "Finer Thangs, & a rotation of other songs in our catalog