Hebron, Connecticut, USA

Brothers Jake and Gabe Spector are the DJ/Producer duo Arclite. For the past two years they have been producing and remixing various styles of EDM, touring the east coast and remixing for dozens of prominent artists and DJ's.


Arclite's Manual Override featured on T-Mobile's Fast is Free Commercial!

Brothers Jake and Gabe Spector have been producing music together since they were very young, and have written hundreds of tracks for television and internet media. Arclite music has been placed on dozens of shows including Shameless, Spike TV's MMA, and Inside the NFL, as well as commercials for T-Mobile, Dexter, NIssan and others. Their genre could generally be called House, but their actual musical influences come from hundreds of different artists, producers, DJ's and bands. The duo had spent many years developing specific tastes in various genres of dance music, specifically progressive and electro house. Arclite is an amalgamation of these styles and many more. Their catalogue of original music and remixes of various artists (Tiesto, Krewella, Daft Punk, Zedd, Steve Aoki, ATrak, Deadmau5, Amy Winehouse, Justin Timberlake, Luke Vibert...) is diverse and continually expanding.
Arclite's live sets can last 30 minutes or 5 hours, and they have been known to play three different shows in a night without repeating tracks. Worldwide touring DJ's regularly solicit tracks from Arclite for use in their own sets as well. The Arclite live experience is unique, explosive and unforgettable, and the duo only plays their own original tracks and their own remixes of other artists, bands, and producers.

"Arclite is our go-to-crew for many different kinds of music, but especially for EDM. We regularly feature them in our work for television and internet companies, in addition to live installations and events."
Mike Ungar, Sandblast Productions

"Arclite produces crushing remixes at an unbelievable rate, and it keeps them on the forefront of their genre while allowing them to stick to their principle of playing only their own music and remixes. I love booking them for clubs and festivals who haven't heard of them and talking to the promoters after the show. They are inevitably amazed and looking to book another date with Arclite."
Chris Huntington, Head On Entertainment

Booking: Jay Metcalf

Twitter: @arcliteofficial

General: Gabe Spector