Bradford, England, GBR
BandWorldNew Age

The music of Arcomnia is a cohesive mix of styles and content which includes elements of Andalusian/Sephardic song,Judaeo/Chistian chant,Sufism,Northern European paganism.In using these and other materials as a point of departure we hope to explore an an enduring substratum of resonant archetypes.


Andrew Wood has played keyboard with The Breed,sings in an acclaimed Georgian choir which showcased in Tblisi in 2008.Is currently involved in Healing workshops putting his didge skills to good use across the U.K.Graham Wrght is an arranger /composer/producer and multi instrumentalist-has played drumset with Graham Walker,Pearl and the Prairie Dawgs and the Cajun Aces
Sian Ashby plays Clarinet with Klezdennis and is a practising music therapist.Abe Haddani is our percussionist and is highly skilled in North African drumming styles.Newest addition to the line up is Mary Robson on Lead/BV vocals and percussion.Arcomnia grew from a common interest in exploring the substratum of ancient musical building blocks that constantly inform every aspect of our creative lives.In taking archetypal melodic contours and rhythms and combining them with contemporary technology,we hope to create something meaningful and applicable for our times.


We have an 8 track CD on sale at selected outlets-some the tracks can be heard at and are currently recording a new collection of songs and instrumental pieces for release early in 2011.

Set List

A typical set would have some instrumental arrangements of Judaeo/Christian chant,a couple of Breton tunes,some original compositons in a similar style to the above and some Sephardic/Andalousian songs.We generally weave the whole thing together with the help of a a secondary track which is faded in and out at the appropriate time.A set can last up to 1 1/2 hrs and can be tailored according to the client's wishes.We can also offer Didge workshops as part of the package.